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Why you need between-season accessories

Why you need between-season accessories

Photographed (from l-r, top to bottom): Folk suede sneakers (£145)SeaVees Monterey sneakers (£55)River Island bucket hat (£10); Stan Ray tote bag (£35); Dick Moby sunglasses (£135 for similar)Artek Rivi canvas bag (£25)River Island yellow tipped tinted sunglasses (£14)Han Kjobenhavnhan Timeless sunglasses (£125)Sun Buddies Bidi sunglasses (£115); River Island round watch (£25)Timex Weekender watch (£50); Whistles baseball cap (£35)Orlebar Brown Haston flip-flops (£35); Birkenstock Arizona sandals (£59)Marks & Spencer panama hat (£49.50); Toms Alpargata espadrilles (£50)Hudson Benson espadrilles (£38.50


Small but mighty, accessories are an easy way to finesse your look once you’ve nailed the basics. For proof, take a look at James Bond; his watches, sunglasses and cufflinks have all become signatures over the last 55 years.

They’re particularly handy right now, when not-quite-summer, still-not-autumn weather places serious restrictions on your wardrobe. “With most outfits consisting of just a few items, accessories become the focal point,” says Thread stylist Millie Rich. Here’s how you add interest without going overboard.


“It’s still sunny right now, so sunglasses aren’t something to skimp on,” says Millie. “They protect your eyes from UV damage and will last forever, so they’re definitely worth the investment. You need to ignore trends, focus on a style that suits your face shape and choose the right coloured frames. If you want to wear them all autumn, ignore bright colours and go for something more subtle, like tortoiseshell.”


“Even though it’s not scorching every day, the sun’s still strong enough to burn your scalp, so you want something that offers protection. Lightweight styles like baseball caps, bucket hats, or a panama if your style’s more traditional, are comfortable and classic.”


One of the biggest mistakes men make is not carrying a bag and loading up their pockets. This makes your trousers bulge in unsightly ways. Instead, invest in a practical bag that will work with your smart and casual styles – totes are particularly good for versatility. Neutral colours will go with any outfit, and look for designs with compartments. They’ll prevent your keys from disappearing.”


“The most practical of items – so one you really need to nail – the right type of watch depends on your lifestyle. If you’re not sure, opt for something classic like a leather strap and a round clock face. If you wear a suit on a day-to-day basis, then avoid anything too sporty or rubberised.”


“Your shoes need to match the occasion, so get the pairing right. If you’re in casual attire, like shorts and t-shirt, don’t wear formal shoes. When it’s still hot, breathable fabrics like canvas and suede are ideal. But there’s also a decent chance of rain at this time of year, so make sure you spray them with Crep Protect before you head out and stock your bag with wipes, so if you get caught in a shower you can fix any stains before they set in.”


Words: Danielle de Wolfe