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Clothes for specific weather

What to wear for outdoor exercise

What to wear for outdoor exercise

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Summer is the perfect time to get out of your air conditioned, overcrowded gym and take advantage of the double mood-boost that comes from exercising in the sunshine. And while your indoor kit will work fine outside, too, it's also a good excuse to replace anything that's looking tired for gear that will work best in the great outdoors.

"Practical utility is key," says Thread stylist Luke McDonald. "You want to be able to exercise in whatever conditions, which in the UK means some protection from the rain, but also breathable and easy-to-wash fabrics and pockets for your phone and keys." These are the things to consider.


Now might seem the time to lean into all that bright neon that sports brands love so much, but muted shades are the more sensible approach. "Neutrals all work together, so you know that so long as something's clean, it will look good," says Luke. Darker shades are also more forgiving for anything that involves grass or mud.


Breathability is also important in sports kit, but especially when you're training outdoors in summer. "Man-made, sports-specific fabrics are generally your best bet," says Luke. "They'll also be sweat-wicking, which will help cool you down without weighing you down."


Don't let bad weather be an excuse for you to not get moving. "A lightweight rain layer is packable but also means that you can sling it on if the inevitable happens," says Luke. Because no rain, no gain.