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How to wear your summer favourites for longer

How to wear your summer favourites for longer

Winter is coming. Well, technically autumn is coming but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Either way, a change is in the air. The new season is upon us and that means suddenly we’re about all things autumnal, like the leaves changing colour, jacket potatoes and swapping the Pimms for a glass of red wine. But, what does it mean for your clothes? After all, an autumn chill might be creeping in the air but the sun is still shining and you’ve just spent three months falling for your summer clothes, do you really have to get rid of them now?

“No,” says stylist Alexander McCalla “the best wardrobes are the ones that have pieces that work well across all seasons. The seasons are no longer quite so clear as they once were, so you want to maximise the items you buy. It’s not about fast fashion but pieces you can wear again and again. I like to think of it as a state of mind, you can wear your summer pieces in autumn if you approach it differently.”

So, instead of sticking your summer clothes in storage until next year here are three pieces you can wear for a bit longer, and the reasons why you should.


There’s no denying that shorts aren’t your typical autumnal clothing. Most often associated with summer and sports, it’s the second one that holds the key of how to get wear out of them as the weather cools. “With the rise of the athleisure trend, it’s become much easier to get sportier elements into your wardrobe and make them fit in,” says Alexander.


Why shorts work in autumn

“It’s the same as when you get some shorts-worthy weather in spring, they happen in autumn too and when those sunny days come make sure to capitalise on them and break out the shorts.”


How to style shorts

“Wearing shorts in autumn is a test of your layering skills. You don’t want to go too heavy on top and overbalance, so go for a couple of light layers and finish off with a windbreaker. It’ll help deal with the chop-changing autumn weather.” 


Mistakes to avoid

“If you’re wearing a jacket with your shorts make sure it isn’t longer than the hem of your shorts – you don’t want to look like a streaker. Make sure to check the weather, if it’s properly cold or even snowing, don’t go for the shorts.”


Camp Collar shirt

We keep talking about the camp collar shirt as the shirt of the season, which it was and is still because we’re extending the season to include autumn. As Alexander says, “it’s been a huge summer holiday hit and because of that there are some smarter options coming through that are being worn in unique and interesting ways.”


Why it works in autumn

“It’s a great alternative to the usual Oxford or Grandad collar shirts that you might normally go for, and now, instead of being the standout item it works as a layer. Try it over a t-shirt or under a nice jacket.”


How to style it

“Autumn is great time to play with texture in your wardrobe and the camp collar shirt works well with things like wool or corduroy trousers. It feels seasonally appropriate without being wintery. If you want to try a smarter style, go for a camp collar shirt under an unstructured blazer, it will keep the ease of summer going just a bit longer.”


Mistakes to avoid

“Some camp collar shirts can be quite bold. If you’ve gone for an extremely jazzy pattern then keep the rest of the outfit simple.”


Photographed: AllSaints Ridge Tapered Jeans, Chalk ($49), GANT Highland Coat ($293), Tiger of Sweden Fyrsil Shirt ($237), Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant Black Leather 'Mackworth' Apron Derby Shoes ($98)

White jeans

Jeans are definitely an all-year-round staple but we tend to go for the brighter colours, like white, in summer and then revert back to the classic blues and blacks when the seasons change, but that doesn’t have to be the case. “The beauty of jeans is that they are heavier in weight than other summertime trousers, so they’ll be able to get you through those cooler days.” 


Why white jeans work in autumn

“An easy way to transition from summer to autumn clothes is just to change the tones of the pieces you wear, moving from bold and brights, to richer colours. White jeans can work as a really good anchor when you’re switching other colours, especially if you go for more of an ecru versus bright white because they work well with autumnal leafy shades.”


How to style white jeans

“There are so many ways to style white jeans but my current favourites for autumn are to start quite simply with neutral staples like striped-shirts and textured knitwear and then as we move further into autumn bring out the jewel tones, and play around with pattern and heavier fabrics for more of a contrast.”


Mistakes to avoid

“Keep an eye on that weather again, no one wants damp, mud-soaked jeans.”


Words: Nadia Balame-Price
Photography: Jake Millers
Styling: Alexander McCalla