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This time last year, we were tackling the Beast from the East and wondering if it was too late to book a winter sun getaway. This year, the weather has been a lot kinder. With it shaping up to be the warmest February on record, we’re both petrified at what that means for the polar bears, and wondering whether to fire up the barbecue.

It won’t last, of course. Which is why now is not the time to stick all your knits in the loft. Instead, try these subtle shifts to your everyday outfits, which will help you gently transition into spring.

Colour effects

Dark days make us lean toward more muted colours. So one simple way to ‘defrost’ your wardrobe is to stick to your favourite palette, but mix in some sun. “Wear a bold red rather than the burgundy which might have been your go-to in the winter,” says Luke. “You’ve still got the low sun so there isn’t that intense light, but you can go for something a bit brighter and bolder.”

Dive in feet first

Dark, wintry boots are for dark, wintry weather. “Suede is a spring thing,” says Luke. “These shoes have a chunky sole so they’re not going to be totally inappropriate for the weather. They’re not flimsy.” That’s handy if it’s just rained – you can walk around without getting soaking wet socks – but even if it’s bright, the suede’s texture creates interesting contrasts between light and shade. “Just make sure you’re going for a sturdier shoe, and not the slipper-like ones you get in the summer.”

Go light with jeans

You can wear dark denim until summer lands, but jeans are also an easy way to defrost your wardrobe. “The jacket is a lighter wash,” says Luke. “It’s also a mid-weight denim, which is good for when you need a layer that’s not too heavy.” As for the jeans, turns out white denim is a secret go-to for stylists. “They’re the perfect blank canvas. They work all year round and it’s nice to go from black or dark wash jeans to something really light and bright.”

Keep it simple

The beauty of keeping your clothes this pared-back is that instead of expending energy on wondering whether those colours match, or if that pattern suits you, you can focus on nailing the fit of these set pieces.  “There aren’t a million things going on in this look,” says Luke. “It’s a pretty simple outfit, but still layered enough that you can deal with whatever weather comes.”

Words: Theresa Harold
Photography: Jon Cardwell
Styling: Luke McDonald