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Clothes for specific weather

Autumn essentials you can wear now

Autumn essentials you can wear now

Buying new clothes is tough between seasons. You want to be able to wear them immediately, but keep wearing them until winter. Fortunately, there’s all manner of clothes designed to take you from right now, when it feels as much like summer as autumn, to the days of bare trees and frosty mornings. “Layers are key,” says Thread stylist Alexander McCalla. “No one wants to be sweating on the inside and soaked on the outside if the weather does a sudden shift.” With these essentials, you'll be right as rain.

Photographed (clockwise from left): Wax London Wisbech denim shirt (£95)Boden long-sleeve T-shirt (£30)Boden chinos (£60)MVP desert boots (£55)Wigwam Hudson Bay socks (£21)

Denim shirt

“A denim shirt is a good transeasonal piece. When it might be too hot for a coat or jumper a denim shirt will keep you warm without having to wear a weighty layer.”

Long sleeved t-shirt

“This is a core layering piece for autumn. It has the same vibe as a short-sleeved tee in the summer and works under a jumper or sweatshirt, but you wear it on its own and you’ll still look put-together.”


“They’re a wardrobe go-to. They can work for anything but aren’t as heavy as a pair of jeans. A simple swap when going from summer to autumn is just change your chino shorts for trousers.”

Desert boots

There’s something about boots that feels autumnal. The texture lifts your outfit and traditional desert boot colours work with autumn shades. While still durable, they’re easy on your feet, so you can wear them all day.”

Photographed (clockwise from left): Levi's 501 jeans (£85)MVP Finnis cable-knit (£58)Carhartt Detroit jacket (£145)Spring Court trainers (£109)

Work jacket

“Every man should have a workwear jacket. They’re hard-wearing, functional, they’ll keep you warm and dry, but they also look good and give your outfit a relaxed edge.”

Cable-knit jumper

“A cable-knit adds an extra layer of warmth that’s much-needed in the cooler weather and is a good place to play around with autumnal shades.”

Light blue jeans

“You don’t need to instantly get rid of your light blue jeans when summer is over. They work as a transeasonal piece and are a good way of bringing some light to the darker autumnal shades.”

White trainers

“Truthfully, white trainers can work year-round so there’s no need to shove them to the back of the wardrobe. You can still get plenty of wear out of them, just be mindful of the weather.”

Photographed (clockwise from left): Edwin ED-55 jeans (£90)Oliver Spencer Fisher jacket (£319)Gitman Vintage shirt (£205)New Balance MS574DB trainers (£65)

Waterproof jacket

“For autumn in the UK, you need a waterproof jacket. Look for a lightweight option that you can carry with you throughout the day.”

Check shirt

“If you’re scared of bold patterns, checks are a good place to start. If you want to keep it subtle go for navy or white; for more impact go traditional red.”

Dark blue jeans

“They’re the ultimate autumn go-to, so easy to wear they’ll go with anything. Plus, the darker tone is great for autumn because it balances the other richer colours.”


“No need to give up on trainers just because the weather is changing but go for a tone or colour that is more autumnal. If you are going for suede, be mindful of the weather and make sure you protect them first.”