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What exactly is: Waffle knit?

What exactly is: Waffle knit?

In a nutshell

A textured knit that's softer and less thick than cable wool, it'll make an outfit just a bit more interesting—without overheating you.


Waffle knit is woven in small, square grids, like the pattern of an ultra-miniature breakfast waffle, which is how it gets its name. This style of weave makes fabric more breathable than most, and more absorbent—which is why it was first used in textured cloths for industrial cleaning. In clothing, the knit's a good in-between: thicker and denser than a merino knit, but far lighter and less bulky than a cable knit.

How to wear it well

"Waffle knit's casual," says Thread stylist Millie Rich. "So it makes a nice alternative to your usual t-shirt or jumper on the weekend." (You could start with the likes of the jumper or polo above.) The texture can be flattering—it doesn't cling the way plain jersey knit can—as long as you make sure the fit's not too slim. "You're best off making it the one interesting item in an outfit," Millie explains. "A waffle-knit jumper, for instance, looks great with slim jeans or chinos and trainers or boots."