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What exactly is: Camo?

What exactly is: Camo?

In a nutshell

Short for camouflage, camo is designed to blend in with the countryside—so it's usually in forest and desert colours such as green, brown and beige.


Born in the trenches of the First World War, camo prints—from the mottled brown and green "frogskin" to the speckled taupe "raindrop"—have been used by the military ever since. In addition to having great concealing capabilities, camo can also look quite cool. It was a hallmark of '90s street wear, and it remains prevalent today.

How to wear it well

"The most important tip is to make sure this is the only pattern you're wearing," says Thread stylist Luke McDonald. "But it's also important to wear only one camo item—probably a t-shirt, jumper or sweatshirt—and to keep the rest of your outfit casual: jeans, boots and trainers work well."