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As far as love-hate seasons go, spring ranks high. Even as we inch closer to summer, we’re still forced to put up with some pretty disorienting temperature dips – the kind that instantly spoil a thoughtfully selected warm-weather look and simultaneously shatter a good mood. Thankfully, with a selection of the right handsome, element-proof staples, you can brace the season’s mood swings with style and confidence. Read on for our round up of spring’s easiest transitional pieces, including some comeback styles you didn’t realise you were missing in your life.

The retro rugby shirt

Spring is all about reinvention, and the classic rugby has taken note. As stylist Luke McDonald says, “The shirt is making a comeback in a way that’s more loose, fun and colourful, and less cliché. Think more playful, less preppy with references to the 90s and skateboard culture.” What makes it so great for spring – beyond the pop of color it lends a look – is it’s the perfect in-between layer. “It has the same weight as sweatshirt, but it has more going on design wise to make it more interesting.” Layer it under a neutral harrington jacket to temper the bold color and add an extra layer for when the inevitable evening chill sets in.

The do-no-wrong denim jacket

Dressing for spring often requires some style gymnastics, but when it doubt, reach for the denim jacket. “It has the dual purpose factor,” Luke says. “You can use it to dress down more a formal outfit or to add structure to a more casual look. It’s one of those pieces you don’t have to think about, and it adds warmth without weighing you down.” Another perk? It tends to mold to you with each wash, so regardless of how good it looks on you now, prepare to look even better in it around this time next year.

A fresh take on a classic shirt

We’re suckers for the classics, but especially when they’re done in a completely unexpected way. Here, we’ve switched the traditional camp collar shirt’s bold prints and embraced a more pared-down take. “White or navy are great options if you’re looking to replace your Oxford shirt with something fresher, while still maintaining a smart feel,” Luke says. “It evokes the spirit of spring or summer, and you can dial down the formality by untucking it.”

The pack-and-go rain jacket

Spoiler alert: it rains in spring. But not when you’re expecting it – the forecast is never that polite. Luckily, the right weather-proof jacket can make the surprise rain showers more bearable. “What's really great about an overhead anorak is that it’s practical, but still feels entirely on trend,” Luke days. “It can also easily slip into your backpack when the sun comes out.” And if you’d rather keep it on, anoraks tend to be lightweight enough that you don’t need to worry about overheating.

The easiest chino

If you’ve been tempted to give looser-fitting trousers a try, spring is the season to lean into the style. “A more relaxed trouser is great for warming temperatures,” Luke says. “A particularly flattering fit is one that tapers at the ankle and is slightly cropped.” The extra inch above the ankle means you'll have more room to show off bold trainers or some patterned socks  – and then sit back and hope it doesn’t downpour.

Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Jamie Stoker
Styling: Luke McDonald