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Introducing: H&M Edition

Introducing: H&M Edition

Photographed: H&M Edition denim shirt (£39.99); H&M Edition wool trousers (£59.99); YMC Jacket (£295); Oliver Spencer rollneck (£165); Ami trainers (£236)


The best wardrobes are built on great staples. Armed with a collection of well-made, well-designed items that you know always look good, style becomes that much easier. You can reach in almost at random and pull out something that suits you, which makes getting dressed in the morning as easy as pulling on your trousers.

H&M Edition

Photographed: H&M Edition elasticated wool trousers (£59.99); Our Legacy shirt (£135); YMC t-shirt (£50). Top right: H&M Edition cashmere jumper (£79.99)


Such is the logic behind H&M Edition, a line of premium staples – think Oxford shirts, leather jackets and cashmere jumpers – which make looking good as easy as choosing your favourite colours. Each item is crafted from high-end fabrics, like suede, silk-infused cotton and selvedge denim, crafted into staples that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

H&M Edition

Photographed: H&M Edition cashmere jumper (£79.99); H&M Edition white selvedge denim (£49.99)


And because the collection is designed with a focus on quality and longevity, rather than extraneous details, you know that every piece will slot straight into your existing wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your everyday shirts, or experiment with a new shade of denim, H&M Edition is the easiest way to elevate your style. Now, you can be dressed up even when you’re dressed down.

Below, our stylist Millie Rich selects four of her favourite pieces from the collection, with tips on how to wear each well.


H&M Edition cashmere jumper (£79.99)

H&M Edition cashmere jumper

“The colour of this jumper is perfect for lightening up wintry looks,” says Millie. “It also helps break you out of the monochrome rut that guys can fall into when the weather’s grey. The neckline is a little bit different – it makes a statement without shouting – and it will also be perfect as your outer layer when spring finally arrives and you can pack away your coats.”

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H&M Edition selvedge jeans (£49.99)

H&M Edition selvedge jeans

“Selvedge denim rarely comes in anything apart from a raw indigo,” says Millie. “So it’s refreshing to see that quality of construction in a lighter, mid-blue shade. They’ll add something different to your look, but are still comfortable and hardwearing.”

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H&M Edition elasticated wool trousers (£59.99)

H&M Edition elasticated trousers

“These bridge the gap between formal and casual perfectly,” says Millie. “The elasticated waist makes them extremely comfortable, but you still have that smart, tailored shape and fabric. Style them with a rollneck or a crew neck jumper.”

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H&M Edition leather biker jacket (£229.99)

H&M Edition biker jacket

“A leather jacket is always a great addition to any wardrobe,” says Millie. “But it needs to be real leather, like this one – fake leather can quickly start to peel. The details here are subtle and beautifully made, which makes it really versatile and ensures it stands out from less premium versions.”

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