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The four reasons to care about: YMC

The four reasons to care about: YMC

When it comes to helping clients, Thread's stylists are impartial about the brands we carry. Our nine stylists are never compensated for sales, and instead focused on finding the perfect clothes to suit each guy's particular budget, style preferences and sizes.

But there are a few standout clothing lines that are always the stylists' personal favourites, no matter how much our inventory expands. For Senior Stylist Sam Monaghan, one such brand is YMC, which produces the kind of thoughtfully designed basics and easy-to-wear prints that quickly upgrade a wardrobe—especially when mixed and matched. “What I love about YMC is that the detailing is mature,” Sam says. “I have a background in industrial design, so I appreciate details that are aesthetically appealing without compromising on functionality.” 

Here, Sam shares the four reasons you might be interested in YMC. 

1. Staples that are more thoughtfully designed than your usual basics

“YMC’s t-shirts, shirts and trousers might cost more than what you’d find at the likes of Uniqlo, but each piece’s thoughtful design and details make it worth the premium. Some examples: slightly unusual hems that give a shirt structure, and buttonholes with double-stitching that makes them look good—and also keep their structure."

Photographed: Cotton shirt (£95); Sweatshirt (£80)

2. Clothes that fit tall guys

“Stevie, the guy in these photos, is 6’3”, so he has trouble finding trousers and shirts that fit his long legs and arms. YMC’s inseams and arm lengths are longer than the average, so the brand’s clothes (particularly shirts and chinos) are great for tall guys. I'm not as tall (6'0") and I've found the clothes still fit me well, particularly the jackets and coats.” 

Photographed: Jumper (£135); Stone chinos (£100);Bomber jacket (£195); Trainers (£75)

3. Jackets and coats that make an outfit

“If I had to buy only one thing from YMC, it would be a great overcoat or jacket. These pieces have the sort of structure—and again, great, thoughtful details—that take an outfit up a notch. Throw one on and your clothes instantly look just a little bit more considered.”

Photographed: T-shirt (£40); Stone overcoat (£185)

4. Patterned and coloured clothes that are easy to wear

“Some guys are wary of wearing bold coloured or patterned clothes, but YMC does a good job of toeing the line between daring and easily wearable. I love this camouflage jumper, for instance, because it’s a familiar pattern but with a refined construction: the pattern is on a thin overlayer, so it doesn’t look as glaring as if it was printed on a thick jumper.”

Photographed: Jumper (£135); Stone chinos (£100); Bomber jacket (£195)

YMC’s vital statistics

Stands for: You Must Create

Flagship store location: Soho, London

Best selling item: Stone overcoat

You’ll probably like YMC if you wear: Uniqlo, A.P.C. or Norse Projects