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No-Shave November grooming guide

No-Shave November grooming guide

It’s official: the days are getting shorter and the beards are getting longer. The latter you can thank in large part to No-Shave November – the month-long charity event in which participants forgo shaving to help raise cancer awareness. And while intentions are always admirable, going shave-free for an extended period can sometimes get, well, hairy. That’s why it’s important to remember that even participating in a good cause doesn’t give you a license to abandon a proper grooming regimen. To steer you out of grizzly territory this November, we asked expert Steven O’Neill of The Grooming Clinic to lend you some tips to keep in mind – before you ditch the razor.

Don’t neglect your skin 

"Often when we let our facial hair run wild, we can become a little lax with the rest of our skincare practices. Use a decent face scrub to keep ingrown hairs at bay and fend-off blockages within the pores. If you experience blackheads and dilated pores, use a mask on that area to sweep the dirt away and de-yetty yourself. And if the skin beneath your beard itches, be sure to massage some beard oil into it.” 

Give the rest of your face some love 

“When you have a beard or facial hair, it ‘shunts’ peoples vision to your eyes, nose, and forehead, so keep clogged pores to a minimum, trim wild eyebrows, and use a good eye gel to keep your peepers looking fresh.”


Keep your beard clean 

In addition to keeping your skin clean, you want to keep your beard clean too. “If you don’t, before you know it, you’ll have a whole new world in there. Trim around the mouth and under the nose, keep your sides tidy and wash it daily. Avoid washing it with shampoo, unless it's sulphate-free. Instead, use a beard wash, like Jack Black Beard Wash." 

Trim regularly 

“To keep your no shave November game on point, the rogue hairs that appear on the cheeks and around the lower neck-line should be whipped off with your razor. For ultimate precision, switch your shaving cream for a shave oil. Dispense a drop to two onto your fingertips, and sweep it around the edge of the beard before trimming.”

When you eventually shave, do so strategically 

“When December rolls around, ask your barber to trim your beard before going DIY. Once trimmed, shave as usual, but apply a shave oil first, then your shaving cream or shave gel on top. This gives an added layer of protection for the skin. Use a moisturiser with SPF to protect the newly exposed skin. Heliocare Oil-Free Dry Touch Gel is a real winner; it gives protection from UVA/UVB and infra-red light and also give a completely matte finish on the skin. Also, I harp-on about this all of the time, but using the correct face wash for your skin type is the best investment you can make for you regime. It's the foundation of good skincare.”


Words: Allison Pavlick
Illustration: Darren Shaddick