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The best summer haircuts for men

The best summer haircuts for men

Your hair isn’t something you can switch on and off with your mood, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick with the same style all year round. We asked hair expert, Denis Robinson, creative director at award-winning barbers Ruffians, for the trims that will keep you cool – in every sense – when the mercury starts to bubble.

Page Boy

The cut: A round cut equally inspired by the 90s revival (think Liam Gallagher in his prime) and Stranger Things’s planet-saving geeks.

Why it’s summery: It’s sleek and precise, unlike the cuts of the 90s that were big, bouncy and big on volume. This update on the original feels fresh and will last you a while.

Tell your barber: “Ask for a round shape but a blunt cut,” says Denis. “If your hair is thick, ask to have some of the weight taken out of it. It will make it sit flatter.”

Style it: “There are two ways to style this look. Dry it flat and smooth by pointing the hairdryer from above and following the shape of the head to remove the volume, then finish with a touch of matte wax on the ends to give it some fresh texture. Alternatively, spritz in some ocean mist spray and dry naturally by shaking it while it dries. This will give you a much more natural look. Pump it up with some styling dust to finish.”

Feather cut

The cut: A loose, relaxed cut that again is inspired by decades past.

Why it's summery: It’s the kind of haircut that needs very little effort once you’ve had it cut, so it’s perfect for lazy summer days.

Tell your barber: “Ask him to follow a classic layer shape, but soften the ends with the flat edge of a razor. It will break up the shape and add texture.” 

Style it: “This is a style that will look after itself – you’ve had the texture cut in for that purpose. If you want to add some volume, spray some salt spray at the roots and blast it with a hairdryer. Then leave the rest to dry naturally.”

Long and loose

The cut: A natural, curly style that won’t compete with the humidity.

Why it's summery: It’s a time to be more relaxed, so let your curls grow out.

Tell your barber: “Get your stylist to point cut the ends throughout while trimming it into shape. This technique will add some texture while shaping and tidying it up.”

Style it: “The texture encourages natural movement and stops your style looking too retro. Plump it up by adding some volume cream and drying using the diffuser attachment on a low speed and medium heat. Dry it to about 70/80 per cent dry and then let it get fully dry naturally. Finish with a smidge of pomade through the lengths and ends to separate it and add shine.”

The drop fade

The cut: A variation of the typical fade, this style goes a little lower, dropping as it goes behind the ears.

Why it's summery: “Some guys will always be addicted to a fresh fade. It’s a classic look and avoids tan lines.” 

Tell your barber: “Ask for a sharp hairline taper fade.”

Style it: “You can wear the top any way you want, including loose, but keep the taper line sharp by booking in for regular tidy ups to keep it looking clean.”

Words: Nadia Balame-Price
Illustration: Calum Heath