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What exactly is: A shacket?

What exactly is: A shacket?

In a nutshell

A shacket is a shirt thick enough to be halfway between a shirt and a jacket—an ideal, year-round layering piece.


Shackets' roots may be in military-style shirt-jackets, but now they're prevalent enough to have a name that's not a hybrid: "Stylists prefer the term 'overshirt' to 'shacket' because these are everywhere now, and we recommend them all the time—also because 'shacket' sounds weird," says Thread’s style director, Shaunie Brett.

How to wear one well

"Overshirts tend to be made from thicker fabrics, with slightly looser fits and more jacket-like details than you'd find on a regular shirt—such as two chest pockets or bigger buttons," Shaunie says. "You can wear them with almost anything—under a coat in winter or over a t-shirt in spring, summer and autumn. They're as versatile as jeans, and go with anything jeans would, like certain smart shoes."

Photographed: Paul Smith khaki overshirt (£114), Oliver Spencer pink shirt (£95), Research Garments white t-shirt (£15), Acne grey jeans (£160)