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Three ways to wear a blazer in winter

Three ways to wear a blazer in winter

Dressing in winter is often more about keeping the weather at bay than an exercise in self-expression. But there is a secret weapon in your wardrobe that you might not be using to its full potential: the blazer.

Now, obviously, we’re not talking about the lightweight linen number that you wear come summer. We’re talking about one that's winter-ready and versatile. That means heavier fabrics like tweed or wool, and definitely lined.

The perfect blazer becomes the lynchpin for any winter outfit, making practical clothes look smarter or turning your formalwear into something that works even when it’s bucketing down. This versatility makes dressing easier and, frankly, more fun. You can start dressing to look good, not just to be waterproof.

As outerwear

This outfit shows how you can wear a blazer as the outermost layer in place of a longer coat, without sacrificing warmth. “It also makes the gilet feel smarter as you’re giving it some structure with the jacket,” says Toby.

Smarter, but not too smart. Puffy jackets always tip things relaxed, so you need a blazer with a bit of texture. “Think of a blazer you would wear with just jeans,” Toby says. Fit is also key. A snug blazer will pull, and a puffer jacket will bulge. “It has to be sleeveless so that you can get your arms into the blazer.”

As a balancing act

At first glance, you might not even spot the blazer neatly layered into this outfit. That’s an intentional result of sticking to neutral colours throughout, which means the blazer blends in rather than standing out.

For Toby, the best layering is about contrast: rough fabric against smooth; traditional meets the contemporary. Here, the roll neck, blazer and tailored trousers are sleek, but the jacket and blazer roughen things up. “Wearing a waxed jacket over a smarter jacket is an old-school look that’s got a new lease of life,” says Toby. “The fact that it makes your outfit weatherproof is also a bonus in the winter.”

As a midlayer

A blazer always makes basics feel more polished. But it’s also an anchor for things that feel more exciting. Here, a pink jumper lightens everything up, which is no bad thing during the depths of winter.

As Thread stylist Toby Standing puts it, tailoring always shifts things smart, which means you’ve got more leeway to add casual elements, like colour. “You also get an unexpected interplay between the navy and the pink.” You’ll also keep that formalish feel when the coat comes off indoors.

Words: Theresa Harold
Photography: Jon Cardwell
Styling: Freddie Kemp