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How to: Wear a men's military-style jacket

How to: Wear a men's military-style jacket

Also known as a utility jacket, the military-style jacket is easy to wear well (as are most utilitarian clothes: they're straightforward and masculine by design). Just keep things simple, advises Thread's lead stylist, Kasia Katner. "Look for a cotton, khaki-green jacket without too many pockets or flaps," she says. "And wear it with simple clothes that allow the jacket to stand out."

Here, Kasia's tips to wearing a military-style jacket well.

Military-style jacket tip 1: Keep the rest of your clothes plain

"Because military-style jackets have a utilitarian feel, they look best with other simple, slightly rugged clothes," Kasia explains. "Some prime examples: indigo jeans, brown brogue boots or workboots, t-shirts, shirts and jumpers."

Clothes to consider: Filson military-style jacket (£165), Nudie jeans (£145), Redwing boots (£249); photographed. Barbour jacket (£129), Topman jacket (£89), Levi's jeans (£80).

Military-style jacket tip 2: Wear it year-round

"Most field or military jackets are the perfect weight for layering," Kasia explains. "You can wear one over a t-shirt when it's around 20 degrees in spring and fall, and over a jumper when it's around 10 to 15 degrees. And when it's colder, use one to stay extra warm: I love the look of a t-shirt, shirt and/or jumper with a military-style jacket under a single-breasted wool coat."

Clothes to consider: MKI wool coat (£165), Filson military-style jacket (£165), Nudie jeans (£145), Redwing boots (£249); photographed. Barbour jacket (£129), Topman jacket (£89), Levi's jeans (£80), Selected Homme black coat (£85).

Military-style jacket tip 3: Avoid similar colours

"Green military-style jackets look best with jeans or navy or grey chinos," Kasia says. "If you wear them with khaki or stone chinos, you'll look like you're wearing a uniform."