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Which sunglasses suit your face shape?

Which sunglasses suit your face shape?

As anyone who’s seen Top Gun knows, sunglasses aren’t just for protecting your eyes from the sun. Perhaps it’s because of their association with life’s cooler professions – fighter pilot, rock star, racing driver – that slipping on the right pair always give any look an edge.

What makes a pair of sunglasses the right pair is less about them and more about you. “Finding frames that suit your face shape is important because otherwise they can be jarring,” says Thread stylist Millie Rich. “Just like horizontal stripes can widen you, something like round frames on a round face can make you look all out of proportion.”

To make sure you look like Maverick, not Wilson from Castaway, this is how to know which frames are flattering and which to avoid.

How to figure out your face shape

Armed with a flexible tape measure – the kind tailors use – measure these four parts of your face:

  1. The widest part of your forehead, from hairline to hairline.
  2. The distance between your cheekbones (that’s the protruding bit just below each eye).
  3. The tip of your chin to the edge of your jawline (probably an inch or so below your ears).
  4. Your face length – that’s chin to hairline.

Then use your numbers to calculate out which of the below you fall into.

Round: Your cheekbones are a similar length to your face, and both are longer than your jawline and forehead. Your jaw is rounded, rather than angular.

Oval: You’ve got a rounded jaw but your face length is longer than your cheekbone width and your forehead is wider than your jawline.

Square: All your measurements are about the same and your jawline is well defined.

Oblong: A long face, with everything else about equal.

Triangle: Your jawline’s wider than your cheekbones, which are wider than your forehead.

Diamond: You’ve got a long face, with cheekbones wider than your forehead, which is wider than your jawline. Your chin comes to a point.


Round face shape

You want sunglasses with edge. Literally. “Round-faced guys need to add angles,” says Millie, “so go for something square, like wayfarers.”


Oval face shape

This is the most forgiving face shape. “If you’ve got an oval face, pretty much any pair of sunglasses will look good,” says Mille. “If in doubt, something square like a wayfarer is nice if you want to add some definition.”


Square face shape sunglasses

If you’ve got a Superman jawline, you should soften it up a touch. “For square faces, think rounded sunglasses,” says Millie. “John Lennon styles work well, or aviators with thin frames as they won’t add too much weight.”


Oblong face shape sunglasses

Here you want curves, but also width, to make your face seem less long. “Look for something that’s got a bit of weight across your eyebrows,” says Millie. “Aviators are ideal, particularly if they’ve got some detail at the top, as are clubmasters.”


Triangular face shape sunglasses

Because your chin’s narrow, you want sunglasses that make it seem broader. “Look for a pair that fill out toward the bottom half, like clubmasters or wayfarers,” says Millie. “You should also look for thinner frames as they won’t crowd your face."


Diamond face shape sunglasses

Like a triangle, this is about widening your jawline. “But because you’ve got such sharp cheekbones, look for a pair that have detailing around the top, which softens them a little,” says Millie. “Clubmasters with bigger lenses are perfect.”