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Q&A: Trunks, briefs or woven boxers?

Q&A: Trunks, briefs or woven boxers?

Yep, we've gone there ... and yes, we'll keep it brief. (Sorry. Had to get that in.) We probably don't need to tell you about the merits of the right underwear, but here's a reminder: it'll keep you comfortable and also help your trousers sit right.

Here, Thread's Millie Rich lays out the pros and cons of each style.  

Option 1. Trunks

"Trunks are probably the most popular type of boxer—perhaps because they're mid-way between boxers and briefs, and because they work fine under trousers, no matter how slim. However, for guys with muscular thighs the legs will be so tight as to make them ride up, so briefs or woven boxers will be a better bet."

Option 2. Briefs

"Not everyone is comfortable in briefs. But if you are, that's convenient: they fit well under all trousers, even the skinniest of jeans. Just choose black or navy over white, which turns to grey all too easily."

Option 3. Woven boxers

"Woven boxers are obviously not for guys who favour skinny or even slim jeans: they'll bunch and fold beneath your trousers. If you prefer regular or wide-leg trousers, however, these can be the most comfortable—and stylish—choice. Whereas the above two are best in plain colours, woven boxers come in fun patterns of every variety."