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Q&A: How long should my tie be?

Q&A: How long should my tie be?

One of the myriad ways Trump has made headlines in the past few weeks is by wearing a too-long tie. Or, as Steven Colbert put it, "a tie the length of an aircraft carrier." 

To Thread stylist Millie Rich, the problem is that this isn't flattering. "An overlong tie looks sloppy and out of proportion—too top heavy," she says. "And I gotta say that on the practical side, it can get stuck in your trouser fly." Yet a too-short tie isn't a good look, either: "It creates space between the tie and your trousers, which can make your stomach look larger," Millie says.

Instead of either scenario, a tie should sit within a centimetre or two of the middle of your waistband. It's pretty simple. The ideal length, therefore, changes depending on the trousers you're wearing. "If you change into trousers with a higher waist, for instance, make sure you make your tie shorter to match."