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How to dimple a tie

How to dimple a tie

There are, according to one study, 177,147 ways to tie a necktie. Fortunately, you only need to know one – the four-in-hand. It’s relaxed, it goes with almost any shirt collar and, most importantly, it’s easy to tie.

But wearing the same knot every day can feel a little bit uninspired. Which is where the tie dimple comes in. It adds a touch of personality to smart outfits and immediately makes you stand out from everyone else. “It’s a bit different,” says Thread stylist Toby Standing. “It adds texture and gives you a point of difference.”

Best of all, it takes less than five seconds. It should also look like it took five seconds; as with a pocket square, anything too perfect gives the impression you’ve spent an hour in the mirror finessing how it sits. “There’s a fine line between being considered and being fussy,” says Toby. Here's how to stay the right side of it.

How to dimple a tie

Step 1

Dimple a tie step 1

Tie your tie as normal, but pause before you pull the knot tight.

Step 2

Dimple a tie step 2

Pinch the fabric below the knot to create a small divot. Don’t worry if it’s not centred – it will appear nonchalant, which is the feel you’re going for.

Step 3

Dimple a tie step 3

Keep pinching the tie and pull the blade – that's the fat end – to tighten the knot. This will hold the dimple in place.

Step 4

Dimple a tie step 4

Position the knot flush with your collar, then leave your tie alone. If you fiddle, the dimple won’t look natural. And nor will you.