Common Questions:

What’s Thread about?

We’re a team of 60 people working toward one simple goal: To make it easy for guys to dress well.

Are the clothes on this site really expensive?

No. Because our stylists know what you usually spend on clothes, they do their best to stick to the numbers you’ve provided. Change them in your Settings.

Am I obligated to buy?

Not at all. We’d obviously like to help you dress better, but there’s no pressure to buy.

Is Thread more expensive than other stores?

Nope. Our prices are the same as what you’ll find elsewhere. Plus we’ll email to tell you when clothes you’ve liked are on sale.

How long do deliveries take to arrive?

Standard Shipping usually takes 3-7 days with a more accurate delivery window provided once you add items to your cart. If all the items in your cart qualify, there is an Express Delivery service (2 business days) available.

How do deliveries work?

We currently deliver with FedEx, UPS or DHL.

For Express Delivery, order before 12AM EST. Note: all items in the order must qualify for the service.

Standard shipping is free on orders over $100, and just $7.99 on orders under $100.

Express Delivery is just $11.99.

All import duties are paid by us.

We carbon offset the environmental impact of your delivery and returns shipping.

How do returns work?

Well, they’re free. You’ll have 100 days from the day you get your parcel to send us unwanted items. Once your order is dispatched we’ll email you instructions for making a return.

You can view our returns policy here.

How can I exchange an item for a different size?

We do exchanges a little differently. Whereas you might be used to sending an item back, waiting for it to be processed and then waiting for the right size to be shipped, we ask you to return what you have and place a new order for the right size at the same time (easily done on your Orders page).

This way, you’ll get the right size faster and it won’t go out of stock before we’ve processed your return. We’ll refund you for the first order once we’ve processed your return.

Is there a fee to use Thread?

No, it’s completely free to use.

Then how does Thread make money?

Just like normal stores do: brands pay us a commission on the clothes we sell.

How do the stylists get paid?

Your stylist works for Thread in our office in East London. We don’t pay stylists by commission, so they won’t try to sell you on things you don’t need or won’t like. Like everyone that works at Thread, their only goal is to help you dress better.

How can I thank my stylist?

Just say thanks! Our stylists are exhaustive in their efforts to find the best clothes for each client, so they love hearing that their hard work has paid off. Buying their recommendations through Thread doesn’t hurt, either.

Any other questions?

Whether it’s a question, problem or idea, we love hearing from you at

Who are the people who make Thread anyway?

The 60 people in our office in East London: James B, Tamsin, Lizzie, Alex M, Terry, Freddie, Chiara, Pete, Kirsty, Millie, Grace, Ignacio, Megan, Tom O, Ella, Dan, Stephen, Allison, James C, Matt C, Becks, Anda, Richard, Michael, James, Victoria, Lucy, Aaron, Nicola, Malte, Rachel, Georgia, Nina, Amy, Sam S, Rebecca, Will, Tom M, Ludo, Sam V, Sophie, Urvashi, Brooke, Mike, Charles, Siobhán, Kelly, Artemis, Ben L, Ed, Kieran, Luke, Alex I, Toby, Peter, Sam D, Alex A, Ben P, David and Hannah.