We’re looking for a talented designer who wants to create a product that helps millions of people to feel happier and more self-confident.

At Thread, we’ve set out to help people feel happier and more self-confident by making it easy to dress well. Using a combination of human stylists and machine learning algorithms, we bring people a small, curated selection of perfect clothes just for them—in their size, budget and taste. By doing so we remove the need to spend their Saturday afternoons frustrated by busy High Street stores, or spend ages browsing the millions of items available online. We believe having an intelligent assistant in your pocket is how the majority of people will shop in the future, and we’re looking for a talented designer who wants to be part of bringing this change to the world.

Design at Thread

We're a design-driven company who care about embedding design thinking to all parts of the user experience (and the company more broadly). We put a lot of time into ensuring we hire truly exceptional designers—not just people who can make pixels look pretty, but who think deeply about the user journey and want to create something that truly solves their goals. We’re after people who have great taste, are constantly trying to improve, and want to be part of a team that pushes them to be better. We are thoughtful about building a productive and creative environment in which designers can thrive. This is something our founders care deeply about.

The role

We're looking for our second designer to join the team and immediately start working on our most important challenges. How do you help people learn how to dress better? How do you simplify 250,000 items into the perfect shortlist for each user? How do you make the experience of trying on items at home as effortless as possible?

Day-to-day you'll:

  • Work directly with the founders every day to shape ideas, create designs and prototypes
  • Be part of shaping and realising the long-term product vision
  • Design beautiful, effective experiences for a wide variety of design challenges across mobile, desktop, branding and physical packaging
  • Participate in leading user research interviews and usability sessions
  • Help strengthen our design culture throughout the company—we have a broad, diverse team of creative people who are all interested in learning about design

We’re looking for someone who wants to work across the full stack of design: from our branding and aesthetic, to all core flows and features, to designing the physical packaging and unboxing experience. You should be excited about being able to work on a variety of different challenges and being part of high-level conceptual thinking down to achieving pixel perfection.

We’re primarily focused on finding someone who’s world-class at product design, visual design and UI/interaction design. We don’t expect you to do front-end development, graphics/illustrations or UX research—we’re not looking for unicorns—though you’re very welcome to do all of those if you enjoy it or want to learn.

We’re interested in talking to both junior and senior designers—we care most about talent and attitude—and will craft the perfect role for you based on your existing skills and how you’d like to develop.


Talented designers can work anywhere, so why choose us?

  • You’ll be inventing something completely new for the world, that will help millions of people to feel happier and more confident about themselves
  • You’ll become recognised as one of the leaders in your field through being a core designer for a high-profile startup
  • Learn from some of the best product people in the industry by working directly with our exceptional, diverse team: Kieran O’Neill (CEO) has built two products that scaled to millions of users; Ed Snelson (Head of Data Science) worked on some of the hardest machine learning challenges at Bing; Terry Betts (Head of Business Development) ran the £500m menswear business at Selfridges and co-founded Mr. Porter; Tom May (Product Manager) lead growth at Songkick and studied maths at Oxford; etc.
  • Be part of a values-led team that are working hard to create one of the highest quality cultures in the world. Learn more about what we’re trying to do in our culture deck.
  • Informal, non-hierarchical, non-political, sociable work environment with lots of freedom and independence
  • We’re looking for people who want to help shape of broader company and culture. We don’t want passengers.
  • Gain first-hand experience of how to start, grow, market and raise funding for startups (perhaps useful for your own company one day)
  • Free team lunches four times a week, drinks and snacks together as a company on Fridays, monthly company trips to fun things like comedy shows, choose your own work equipment, unlimited vacation time
  • A competitive salary and a generous equity stake in the company (you're working hard to make the company successful, so we believe you should share generously in the reward!)

How to apply

If this sounds exciting and you’d like to have an informal chat, please submit the following:

  • A link to your online portfolio, or PDF if necessary, is required. Applications without a portfolio will not be considered.
  • If parts of your portfolio involved group work, please explain your specific role in the project.
  • Briefly explain in your email why you are a particularly excellent candidate for this job and what parts of your portfolio are especially relevant.