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Thread has a new look

Thread has a new look

Today, we’re beyond excited to reveal our new logo and typeface, which are the first steps in a refresh of how Thread looks and feels. Our old logo meant a lot to us, so we wanted to explain why we’ve decided to evolve things.

Our original logo was created quickly, because we needed something to show our first investors. What was originally a placeholder stuck around for the next seven years.

We’re a very different company now. More than a million men use Thread and our old identity no longer worked. We needed something that was adaptable, more unique and which made sense in all kinds of different contexts. You can see an example of what we mean here.

When we launched the Thread app, we discovered another failing of our old logo. Its square box clashed with the app icon’s rounded corners, which made for something messy and confusing.

Our new logo is clear, adaptable and as unique as every one of our customers. It’s also easier for everyone to recognise, in all shapes and sizes.

To evolve our identity, we worked closely with London-based design agency Bibliotheque. Their version of our logo retains the original ‘T’, but expresses it in a more dynamic (and, frankly, interesting) way. It’s a texture that can adapt and flex however we need it to.

Look closely and you’ll also spot that the logo is a deep, inky blue. We think this is more interesting than fashion's standard black and white. Blue is that bit warmer and has more personality, just like the outfits and ideas and you see on Thread.

A new look needs a new typeface, too. Ours is Favorit. Like the logo, it’s simple and straightforward but with idiosyncratic details, like the capital ‘R’, which don’t take themselves too seriously. That’s something we always try to avoid at Thread, after all.

Our new identity will start to appear everywhere from our app to our website, our packaging to our advertising. We’re still the same Thread you’re used to, but with a new look. We hope you like it as much as we do.