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One small change: Wear a crew-neck t-shirt

One small change: Wear a crew-neck t-shirt

Why make the change?

"Although at first glance the v-neck and crew neck may seem like variations of the same thing, they're actually very different. For a start, the former is pretty tough to pull off. It's hard to get the right depth of the V, and unless you're really muscular you might not actually want to highlight your neck and chest."

Thread stylist Alice Watt

Why it works

Photographed: Orlebar Brown v-neck t-shirt (£65), MVP grey crew-neck t-shirt (£12), MVP navy chinos (£30)

1. The crew neck is more flattering. "It's obvious that Richard, whom we photographed for this story, has spent some time in the gym. But for most guys the neck and upper chest aren't the first spots you'd want to draw attention to. The higher neckline on the right draws the eyes outward and makes the shoulders look broader."

2. The v-neck grabs attention. "The v-neck feels very 'Look at me'—so if that's the look you're after, then go for it! Otherwise the crew neck is a more tasteful and subtle choice—which also makes it more economical: You can wear it at least three times as often, with jumpers and every sort of jacket (including your blazer), and of course by itself."

3. You can make the crew neck smart casual. "Because the v-neck exposes a bit more skin, it's not as smart as a higher-necked tee; you can't dress it up."