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T-shirts and polos

One small change: Graduate from the graphic t-shirt

One small change: Graduate from the graphic t-shirt

Why make the change

"I can completely see the thinking behind wanting to show some personality through your t-shirt. But the truth is that plain t-shirts make a much better first impression than graphic t-shirts do. No matter how you wear a plain t-shirt, it just looks so much more polished (as well as more adult) than anything with a large logo or design.

"It also comes down to economy: when you buy an item like a white or grey t-shirt, which goes with almost everything, you're getting more for your cash than with a graphic t-shirt that you can only wear with jeans."

Thread stylist Millie Rich

Why this works

  1. Clean, modern and adult. "I'd assume the guy at right is more adult, with a better sense of style, than his counterpart on the left. A plain t-shirt is such a classic, it's really easy to wear well."
  2. Looks good after many wears. "Plain t-shirts are usually better quality because they haven't been printed and pulled around. They also wash much better than graphic t-shirts, which can fade and look weathered after a wash or two."
  3. Goes with anything. "The beauty of a plain white t-shirt in particular is that it goes with just about anything, even smart separates—and it doesn't detract from more interesting clothes, like a great jacket that says something about you without being so obvious: Harrington jackets, for example, look really classic and casual; bomber jackets have the slightest edge; and leather jackets toughen up any outfit."