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Thread stylists share their top style hacks

Thread stylists share their top style hacks

Our stylists are experts when it comes to keeping up with the top trends and picking the best items for you, so it goes without saying that they’re pretty snappy dressers themselves. Along the way, they’ve picked up countless tips and tricks not only for dressing better, but for storing, washing, and altering clothes – and you don’t have to be a professional to do it too. Here are their top hacks that you can try at home. 

Take care of your knitwear

“Hand wash your knits with a lightweight detergent. It’s far less harsh on the fabric than a machine wash, so your pieces won’t shrink and will last longer. It might sound like a lot of effort, but it’s surprisingly easy to do and is important for preserving natural fabrics like cashmere and wool blends. You could also invest in a depiller in case of bobbling,” says stylist Luke McDonald. 

Homemade solutions

“You don’t have to use store-bought detergents, which are often full of chemicals. Make your own affordable and effective alternative that are great for sensitive skin. Put one heaped tablespoon of baking soda in the detergent compartment of your washing machine, add 10-20 drops of essential oil for scent, then add a half a cup of white vinegar and flush through with some water. When washing socks, put them on a delicate wash and/or 30-degree cycle so they’ll last longer and won’t crisp up,” says stylist Artemis Crowley.

Fold, don’t hang

“Fold your jumpers rather than hanging them. It can be tempting to give your cosy sweaters pride of place in your wardrobe, but heavier fabrics can lose shape when left to hang. Folding your knits neatly will ensure they don’t stretch and sag under their own weight, so they’ll last much longer,” says stylist Rebecca Sammon.

Tuck it up

Stylist Millie Rich is known for ‘the Millie tuck’. She says, “If your jeans are too long, stand with them unrolled and work out where you want the cuff to sit. Make a fold in the fabric and tuck the excess up inside the leg of your jeans – it should finish with the crease a couple of inches from the hem of your trousers. Then, fold the hem outwards to make a two-inch cuff, high enough so that it covers the crease you made, and voila!”

Wear your shoes on rotation

“Don’t wear the same pair of leather shoes two days in a row. Leather soaks up sweat and needs time to dry, otherwise your shoes will warp and lose their shape. This will also make them more prone to scuffs and scratches. They might not seem damp after a days wear, but they are. Try rotating your smart shoes and you’ll notice the difference,” says stylist Toby Standing.

Simple yet effective roll necks

“Think like Steve Jobs and embrace lightweight, jersey-style roll necks. They’re versatile and great for layering under sweaters and shirts. Not only do they add warmth but, if you pick a seasonal colour like rust, it will bring an element of interest to an otherwise neutral look,” says stylist Alexander McCalla.

A style tip for cyclists

“If you cycle, wear Merino wool socks for extra comfort. Also, double-zip jackets allow room for movement without being fully undone, which is great for cooling down when you get warm but don’t want to take your jacket off,” says stylist Brooke Philips.

Words: Ella White
Illustration: Dom McKenzie