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Six of our favourite wet-weather brands

Six of our favourite wet-weather brands

With our head office in rainy London town, each of us at Thread has earned the rank of  professional wet-weather dresser. Because here, even when the sun is shining brighter than ever, a pesky downpour still has a way of sneaking up on you. That's why arming yourself with the right protective layers is so important: it can help you avoid dreaded soggy clothing – and an even soggier attitude. So we asked Thread stylist Freddie Kemp to round up six of the wet-weather brands to lean on when grey clouds start looming.

Wax London

“Known for the best-selling Navarino mac, Wax London is one of our favourite brands for traditional British outerwear. This particular piece is a classic because it’s crafted for wet weather, but is still lightweight enough to wear in summer. The neutral colour is also a winner for its versatility, but you can feel free to experiment with the different colours the brand offers.”


“An obvious choice, granted, but Barbour is so well-known for a reason. The brand is known for its outdoor clothing and is synonymous with British countryside style. A waxed jacket from Barbour is incredibly practical during wet weather, and looks just as good on city streets as it does in rural settings.”


“Belstaff is made for today’s active guy. Whether he’s hiking muddy trails or rushing to a meeting at The Shard, a Belstaff coat or jacket is something he can rely on. The brand is known for its cool, rugged aesthetic, so you’ll never be compromising on style when you’re looking to protect yourself from the elements. Belstaff’s committed to making high-quality items made from technical fabrics. For example, this particular lightweight jacket is made from a water-repellent micro poly fabric, so you can rest assured you won’t be sodden underneath if it rains.” 


“Stutterheim is a Swedish premium outerwear brand that draws inspiration from a classic fisherman’s raincoat from the 60s, and creates really high quality, functional rainwear. Our favourite is the rubberised cotton raincoats. Rain just bounces right off and the style is really off-duty, casual, and minimal – very Scandinavian. We recommend going for one of the brand’s colourful offerings to help lift a dreary day.”


“It’s in the name, isn’t it? Danish brand Rains is a favourite because it’s super dedicated to keeping things fresh and stylish, as well as functional. Not to mention its products are 50% made from recycled materials. While the outerwear is awesome and very reliable, look out for the rainproof bags as well. They’re great for when you’re going on a big outdoor adventure.”


“Grenson has been a firm Thread favourite for a while now. The leather is such high quality and, as we know, leather is great for wet weather because it doesn’t absorb much moisture. Not to mention, the stitching, welting and construction of Grenson’s lace-up boots are solid. Water isn’t going to get in and the shoes pretty much never wear – even after years of use.”

Words: Ashiana Pradhan
Photography: Angus Williams
Styling: Freddie Kemp