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Our stylists’ favourite new arrivals for autumn

Our stylists’ favourite new arrivals for autumn

Summer is waning. There, we’ve said it, and once we’ve all taken a moment to come to terms with that [deep breath], let’s shift our focus to the positives, shall we? No, not the foliage – though it’s bound to be as fiery and impossible not to Instagram as ever. We’re talking about all those new clothes. The utility jackets, the rugged boots, the jewel tones. Don’t even get us started on the knitwear. 

But before you start scrolling through all of the new arrivals on site, take a look at the pieces on our stylists’ wish lists. You’ll get to those key autumn foundational pieces faster and stop mourning summer sooner. Layers this good can have that effect. 


1. Universal Works Zip Liner Jacket

“Is there a colour that signifies autumn more than burnt orange?” stylist Toby Standing asks, which we think is purely rhetorical but we’re happy to agree with. “This jacket is lightweight enough to slip into a bag if the sun makes a welcomed appearance, but that wool blend will keep you nice and warm as the cooler weather sets in.” Sounds like the best of both worlds, but what to wear it with... “As this one’s a statement piece, team with your tonal separates – we’re talking navy trousers and a long-sleeved cotton tee,” Toby explains.

2. New Balance MS327RF1 Trainers

Oh, a trusty pair of sneakers. We’ve relied on their comfortable construction for years now, and don’t think we’ll be giving it up any time soon. Thankfully, Toby insists that trainers are one of the trends that’ll be ‘kicking around’ (pun intended) for seasons to come. “This pair from New Balance is a great investment for autumn, as that neutral colourway will go with everything and anything. They’re even signed off with flecked laces, which makes them more interesting than your average pair.”

3. Overlord Patchwork Twill Jacket

If a patchwork quilt and a jacket had a baby, it’d look like this Overlord number. The design will make a lot more sense when you hear about the label’s ethos, which Artemis is happy to familiarise us with. “The brand uses recycled materials, meaning every single jacket will be slightly different and one-of-a-kind.” “With its neutral tone, I’d keep things light across the rest of your ensemble. Wear the linen separates you bought for summer – they deserve a wear in autumn, too.”

4. Riley Studio Organic Linen Trousers

These might look like just another pair of black trousers, but we’ll let you in on a secret – anything made by Riley Studio is worth wearing due to sustainable principles alone. “This pair is crafted from recycled organic linen. By focussing on waste fabric, the label has managed to save almost 4000 litres of oil which is no mean feat,” Artemis explains. What’s more, they’re also gender-neutral – meaning anyone can wear any style. “It’s the future of fashion – inclusivity for all,” Artemis notes.

5. Pangaia Biodegradable-Polyamide Gilet

“If there’s a brand that’s paving the way for environmentally conscious streetwear, it’s Pangaia,” stylist Freddie Kemp explains. Take a look at this gilet, and you’ll know what he’s talking about – its right lapel shows just how it was made. “The jacket is filled with plant-based matter, and its outer layer is constructed from biodegradable nylon,” Freddie says. Oh, and did we mention that padding will keep you nice and toasty as autumn sets in? Yeah, that too.

6. Colorful Standard Organic Cotton Sweat Pants

You might have heard us name drop Colorful Standard before, and for good reason. “It’s my go-to brand for anything jersey-related. We’re talking t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants, the whole lot,” Freddie explains. “This pair of jogging bottoms was crafted in Portugal and are ridiculously high quality. Wear them in the gym, to the pub, even to the office.”

Words: Lottie Stanners