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Our stylists’ favourite new arrivals for April

Our stylists’ favourite new arrivals for April

Turns out that buying clothes when you’re actually wearing them in front of other people feels a little different. And now that we’re starting to meet up with friends and family, we’re ready to argue joy is officially a part of shopping again. And no one is happier about that than our stylists. We asked them to round up the new arrivals they’re most excited about this season – from shirts for your next local pub visit to the grooming products you’ll be ready to wear in the sun. Time to show off your style again. 

Artemis’ picks 

Men's lilac linen-blend chore jacket

“Even when the temperature starts to warm, it’s always useful to have a light layer on hand – I guarantee you’ll throw it on even throw it on on summer evenings. I’d look for a utility jacket made from a linen blend – not only is it more breathable, but it’s also more sustainable. The light pastel colour is always a nice way to lend your look a bit of colour without going over the top.” 

Microsuede messenger bag

 “Whether you’re planning your next staycation or just need a bag to transport your essentials, this microsuede messenger bag will come in handy when you’re on the go. What I love about this style in particular is that it’s functional and minimal without feeling too trendy, so you can feel confident you’ll have it for years to come.”

Toby’s picks

Stepney Workers Club ink-stripe solar trainers 

“Don’t be sleeping on Stepney Workers Club. The East London-based brand is probably my favourite for sneakers thanks to their endlessly cool colours and really wearable silhouette. And speaking of colour, this ink stripe yellow is a great way to welcome it into your wardrobe. Do away with the fretting and embrace the spring in some sick sneakers.” 

YMC tearaway canvas jeans

“There's no better time to wear light coloured jeans than the springtime. These more relaxed fit from YMC (I will keep banging the relaxed fit drum until everyone is out of skinny fit) are so great, with little details like the contrast stitching. Step up your jeans game and invest in a durable pair like these that won't fall apart after a light breeze.” 

Freddie’s picks

Fluid lyocell shirt in dusty green

Photographed: Arket Fluid Lyocell Shirt (£69)

“You'll be seeing more and more lyocell – it's an exciting fabric. It has a loose, floaty appearance similar to silk and it’s also pretty sustainable, using less than half the water to cotton. It also doesn’t hurt that this dusty green shirt is an instant classic you can pair with just about anything in your wardrobe – from jeans to formal trousers.” 

Hampton Sun SPF 30 lotion

Photographed: Hampton Sun SPF30 Lotion, 118ml (£33)

“I try to use SPF as part of my skincare routine even when it's not that sunny, but now that we're hoping to see the sun a bit more, I'm upgrading to something with even more protection. It’s probably the grooming essential I recommend most come this time of year, and Hampton Sun is a tried and true brand.” 

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Words: Allison Pavlick
Styling: Thread stylists