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Our stylists' favourite inclusive brands

Our stylists' favourite inclusive brands

Brands offering inclusivity for all? That is something we’re always here to celebrate. And many of our favourite brands are providing just that by designing clothes that aren’t limited to traditional gender codes – so that everyone, no matter how they identify, can make the most of the collections. Because why limit yourself to the type of clothing you can wear to express yourself? Style giants like Bowie, Prince, Patti Smith, and Harry Styles certainly wouldn’t have made such an impact if they had.

To help familiarise you with some of the brands championing inclusivity, we tapped stylist Toby Standing to share three of his favourites – from a unisex brand to one designing clothing without gender in mind. Now the question is, how will you make them your own?

1. Riley Studio

Toby doesn’t mince his words when talking about this London-based brand. “It excels as there are no stereotypically ‘masculine looks and no ‘feminine’ ones, either,” Toby explains. Be sure to make the most of the label’s love of high-quality, eco-friendly fabrics, which, as Toby notes, “aren’t going to break the bank,” from recycled cashmere to organic linen and ‘created from waste’ cotton. 

As the brand favours an aesthetic that doesn’t adhere to gender norms, the choice is yours to dictate which silhouettes you feel strongly about. “The collection is comprehensive enough to give you the freedom to choose what you want, whether that’s a form-fitting vest or a loose-fitting revere collar – all in the label’s tonal palette of cream, grey, and beige,” Toby says. Take this striped shirt as a prime example, its simple, flattering silhouette make it one that could be worn by all.

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2. M.C.Overalls

We’ll give you no prizes for guessing the type of clothing this British-born brand focuses on. But we can assure you these aren’t just any overalls – they’re designed for everyone to wear, from labourers to fashion lovers. (They also happen to design some incredibly comfy jersey sweatshirts and trusty work jackets, among other essentials.) The label might have been going strong since 1908, but there’s nothing traditional about its outlook. Silhouettes are simple, genderless, and offered in size ranges that mean we’re all able to fill our wardrobe with its cotton-twill designs. 

The ethos “we work hard” is at the core of every collection – a riff on conventions of the classic overall and a promise that the brand strives to support its customers and the wider community. Working with local artists and musicians from Arlo Parks to Tim Head, you can rest in the knowledge that you’re backing a brand that’s as conscious of your needs, as it is of all its creatives and collaborators.

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3. Colorful Standard

Would our roundup be complete without a basics brand that offers just about every silhouette under the sun? Not according to Toby. “The styles aren’t specifically designed for men or women, and unlike with other brands – the colourways are colossal and creatively named, like ‘polar blue’ for this pastel-toned sweatshirt above.” You can expect to find the same fit for all genders too, so in essence – you could buy one t-shirt and rest in the knowledge that it’ll look just as good on you as it will on anyone else in your friendship group and family. 

“What’s more,” Toby explains, “Colorful Standard uses sustainable materials and produces its pieces in Portugal – a Mecca of sorts for high-grade jersey which can be worn (and washed) for seasons to come.” We wouldn’t wish it any other way.

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Words: Lottie Stanners
Styling: Toby Standing