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Our stylists discuss the best summer shorts

Our stylists discuss the best summer shorts

Shorts season is officially here, which means you’re now tasked with a tricky decision: choosing which length to wear. Luckily, you don’t have to decide alone. Two of our stylists recently took to Slack to discuss the ideal length and styles they think work best – plus they share some on-screen inspiration you should keep in mind before you step into the sunshine. 

Freddie: Hey @millie, how's isolation?

Millie: Hey Freds! It's all alright, finally feeling like I'm getting back into a routine. How are you?

Freddie: That's good to hear – routine is key. Yeah, I'm surviving! Thinking about my summer wardrobe is bringing me some joy.

On that note, what do you think the right length is for a pair of shorts?

Millie: Ooo good question.

Below the knee is out for me, but I also can't say I'm a huge fan of short shorts either — somewhere in between for me is perfect. Just like these twill shorts by Gramicci.

Photographed: Gramicci Twill G-Short (£39)

What about you? I can see you rocking some short shorts on holiday.

Freddie: Yeah, you kinda took the wind out of my sails there.

It's short for me. But the caveat being, I only really wear sports / running shorts. I've never got on well with smarter shorts. I've always found them unflattering and feel conscious of my legs. It may be weird that my answer is to show more leg, but it works for me.

It's Nike Running shorts for me with a white t-shirt and Birkenstocks.

Millie: Knew it! This look channels all the “118” vibes for me and for which I'm out.

Freddie: You see “118”, I see “Call Me By Your Name”


Millie: Now you've put a spanner in the works! Love this more relaxed look with the loose shirt — swap this for the t-shirt and you're onto a winner.

I know you don't get on with smarter shorts, but how do you feel about a linen pleated style?

Freddie: Yeah, these are really cool. The pleat and looser leg gives them a great shape. I find most smart shorts are just too slim.

Millie: I completely agree, skinny shorts are unflattering for all, especially when men bulk the pockets out with their phone and wallet.

I love these for the relaxed Italian Rivera feel – they look great with a knitted polo, aka Dickie Greenleaf in “The Talented Mr. Ripley”.

Freddie: Can't argue with that. Finish with a classic penny loafer and you've got a strong summer look.

Millie: With that shot we can't not discuss swimwear. As you're a short shorts kinda guy...Speedos: yes or no?

Freddie: For the most part, no. If you're a serious swimmer, then do your thing. But for most guys, even if you look good in them, it just feels too showy.

Like you said, for normal shorts, it's somewhere in the middle. Board shorts are also a no.

I'm a huge fan of Orlebar Brown's prints and shapes. Flattering but not ostentatious. These patterned ones are a seasonal favourite. 

Millie: Have you seen Farah's prints this year? Think they have a great range and are definitely a cut of the price.

Freddie: Knew I was right coming to you. These are a steal.

Definitely going to get these as soon as Boris announces we can get on a plane.

Millie: Counting down the days!

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