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Our stylists discuss the best footwear to wear at home

Our stylists discuss the best footwear to wear at home

We’re now living in a time when slippers and other indoor shoes have replaced the hard-soled variety as the footwear of choice for the indefinite future, which means our stylists are putting a lot more mileage on their favourite Birkenstocks (and admittedly loving every minute of it). In conversation over Slack messaging, they discuss these and styles to keep toes toasty – and even stylish – at home. 


Toby: Morning @Luke

Luke: Who dis? 

Just kidding, it’s Toby.

So, indoor shoes or slippers. What are you currently wearing?

Toby: Man, the Bostons – they're getting to everyday status right now. Think I'm probably going to invest in the proper pair soon.

Luke: What makes them proper?

Toby: These are the ones I'm eyeing.

They've got the classic Birkenstock footbed, but in all black – which is why I love my current pair, but I want something with a bit more weight and next-level comfort.

Luke: Yeah I always thought the Birkenstocks with the eva soles were more like expensive Crocs, so why not go for the original in that case?

Toby: I think they're a step up from Crocs, but I get your point.

Luke: I’m currently rocking sheepskin slippers, and I did not until I got these appreciate how great they are, especially in a fairly drafty Edwardian house with wood floorboards.

It's like a warm blanket for your toes. A dream slipper.

Toby: I'm not sure I can handle that level of warmth – I think I'd rather a sock and clog type of thing, otherwise I get way too hot and it gets stressful. I kind of feel the same way about cashmere socks.

If I'm going for slippers, as opposed to the Birkenstock, which is like mid-way between a shoe and a slipper, I'm going for something like these.

Photographed: HAY Waffle Slippers (£19)

Luke: Fancy guy in his warm apartment talking down to sheepskin slippers 🤔

Toby: My home is basically a fancy hotel.

Luke: I dig those, but I feel like they would get grubby immediately.

Like… first day spill coffee on them

Toby: How grubby is your flat?

That sounds like a you problem.

Luke: Just an absorbent white fabric for footwear, seems… optimistic.

Toby: You can't say you wouldn't go for these though.

Photographed: Puebco Slipper (£20)

Luke: I would – I’m basically a sucker for anything that looks like it was manufactured as part of a government survival kit, and that is Puebco’s whole thing. It also looks like it would hide stains well.

Toby: Fitting for today's situation.

Do you ever wear a sneaker or normal shoe around the house?

Luke: Exactly! It feels very fitting.

No not really. I grew up in Canada so with the snow and muck from outside we’d always pull off our boots/shoes in the mudroom before going indoors. I always had slippers or just heavy socks indoors, but my house was also a freezing Victorian one, so I always needed something.

Toby: Yeah I had a similar situation growing up on the farm

I've been reading about how putting shoes on can make you feel more productive at home, so I tried it here, and it felt a bit strange. Granted my shoe collection consists of wildly unsuitable shoes for work.

The clog is a good middle ground I've found.

Luke: Yeah I’m not into that at all as a philosophy. You should dress for your context. Like, there are people who make a big thing about wearing formal clothing on flights, but in reality flying has changed since the 1950s and involves so much more hanging around, going through security, so wearing sweats or other comfy trousers feels right. I think the same about working from home: wear comfy clothing.

What do you think about these?

Photographed: The North Face NSE Tent Mule III (£25)

Toby: I mean, they look mad, but I bet they'd be the comfiest shoes you've ever worn.

And you'd go for the camo-patterned pair obviously.

The more I look at them, the more I want them actually.

Luke: Like a lot of cool things, I first saw them in obscure Japanese style magazines and at first I was like 'What the hell is that?' but the more I see them, the more I feel like actually they are this brilliant idea. A sleeping bag for your foot, like why not?

Plus, they have that indoors feel, but you could potentially pop outside to take out the garbage in them quality, which I always like in a slipper.

Toby: Yeah, it's always nice to have something that works in multiple settings, which brings me back to the Birkenstock Boston. You are a true disciple of that shoe, I think I've seen you wear it more than any other style. What makes it such a staple for you?

Luke: Well, I’ve always kind of had a thing for divisive shoes, like I’m not really a flashy dresser at all – I like staples and classic pieces. I tend to like low-key colours, but for some reason a slightly off-beat shoe is my exception. I like that you have to wear them in, that they actually look cooler with socks (rare for a sandal!), and they somehow look really primitive and modern at the same time.

Here’s a relevant question, because it’s spring and all, do you change slippers in warmer weather?

Toby: Hmm, that's not a question I've ever thought about.

I would say no – because I'm usually in that hotel-type style, which I think works across seasons. I'm guessing you don't do the sheepskin in August?

Luke: I do not.

Toby: So you mentioned socks with Birkenstocks. Do you have any go tos for socks? I feel like often I'll wear a pair in place of slippers, but I'm weirdly picky about them.

Luke: My current summer sandal is a sort of traditional japanese slipper – really light weight and flip-floppy – otherwise I have some Adidas style pool slides, but if I had all the money I might go for a pair of these.

Photographed: MULO Suede Backless Slippers (£87)

Toby: Yeah, they're very up your street.

Luke: In terms of socks, I’m a big fan of what in Canada are called rag socks.

Toby: Explain rag socks to me.

Luke: Basically these – a slubby textured slightly heavier than a sport sock-sock, they look ace with every kind of casual shoe and especially great with Bostons or other sandal style slippers.

Photographed: YMC Slub Sock (Ecru/Yellow) (£12)

Toby: They're great. I love that it feels cosy but isn't a wool or cashmere blend. As I mentioned, I can't deal with that.

I'm realising how cold my feet are now. Gunna go put some socks n' stocks on (TM).

Luke: 👌 Stay cozy

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