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Four brands our stylists think you should know

Four brands our stylists think you should know

If you’re thinking about refreshing your look post-lockdown, discovering exciting new brands is a good place to start. You’ve probably got your tried-and-true front-runners that tick the boxes for style, quality, and comfort, but in the world of contemporary designers, most of us have only discovered the tip of the fashion iceberg. That’s where our stylists come in strong. As hard for them to play favourites when it comes to brands, there are a few they keep returning to — and they think you should too.

1. Luke’s favourite brand: Melka


Why he loves it

“Melka is a Swedish brand dating back to the 1950s. It’s recently been revived as a contemporary casual brand, and I’ve found myself using their pieces for all sorts of shoots.”

“It’s the kind of clothing that you could slot into almost any guy's wardrobe, which isn’t to say it’s boring – it’s just subtle and easy to wear. There are great details and the fabrics are really good quality, but it’s not shouting “look at me”, which is something that Scandinavian brands do so well.” 

Standout pieces

“Melka’s shirting and outerwear are especially strong. I’d recommend it for fans of brands like Norse Projects or Wood Wood.”

2. Toby's favourite brand: Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell

Why he loves it

“British designer Margaret Howell has been making clothes for 50 years, and the brand is predominantly inspired by workwear items with contemporary twists. The fabrication of every Margaret Howell item is superb. I’ve never picked up a piece and been disappointed in the tactical feel of the garment.”

“I’m wearing a half-placket shirt made from a heavy cotton-twill blend. It’s got a great boxy fit to it, and these reverse pockets seem backwards at first, but they’re actually super convenient for items like your phone or wallet.”

Standout pieces

“I couldn’t put together a Margaret Howell outfit without one of the iconic logo tote bags. They’re understated, sturdy, and made from durable cotton. Mine has survived multiple holidays, festivals, and Christmas shopping trips – it’s amazing how much you can actually fit in one!”

“The great thing about Margaret Howell is that it’s the kind of brand that can be worn by people of all ages. I’ve got Margaret Howell pieces, my Dad has Margaret Howell pieces, and my very stylish Grandma has Margaret Howell pieces. Everyone is welcome.”

3. Alexander’s favourite brand: Mr P.

Mr P.

Why he loves it

“If I had to only wear one brand, it would be Mr P. It strikes the perfect balance for almost anyone's wardrobe, and sits comfortably in smart casual territory, which works for any occasion you might have coming up.”

Standout pieces

“Mr P. is my go-to for well-crafted staples with unique minor details. It’s also great for bold-yet-accessible hero pieces to help lift your outfits in interesting ways. This jacquard polo shirt is a great example – it’s a classic style, but the tipped collar, the neckline, and the dotted pattern make it stand out from your average piece.”

4. Freddie’s favourite brand: Séfr


Why he loves it

“Séfr is a Swedish brand with a 70s rock n roll feel. Its loose-fitting silhouettes cater to the look that Harry Styles has got me wanting recently – even wider-legged trousers and big floppy collars. Séfr nail this look in a really stylish way. They use great fabrics, and the construction is really high quality.”

Standout pieces

“A really well-cut trouser should always be treasured. These are made from a heavyweight pinstripe wool, and are lined to ensure a strong, straight leg. The rise is long so they can sit high on your waist.”

“Séfr designs come in neutral and versatile colours, but it’s the details and shapes that makes these garments stand out. Just look at the width of the collar on this moleskin overshirt.”

Words: Ella White
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Luke McDonald, Toby Standing, Alexander McCalla, Freddie Kemp