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Your post-breakup style guide

Your post-breakup style guide

So you’ve broken up. We’ve all been there. And leaving a relationship, whether you’re the dumper or dumpee, is never easy (it’s actually kind of horrible). You may be finding yourself lost in the ocean of ‘who am I?’, or setting up your next Instagram post with some sort of Drake lyric as the caption. Regardless, now you’re here. Ready to get your groove back. 

Our Thread stylists are well equipped to help with everything from break-ups to divorces in terms of your style – so if you’re really in a rut, you can always message your personal stylist for some one-on-one advice. But for now, here’s some general first steps to get you started. You’ve got this. 

Get your confidence back

It’s likely that your confidence has been knocked down a tad – which is normal. So finding styles that make you feel great is crucial to help you get out of this funk. This is where we’d suggest looking at the clothes you already own, and the outfits that make you feel the way you want and maintaining these are your uniform. And those sentimental pieces that perhaps remind you of them in some way? Yep, you can get rid of ‘em. But while that urge is strong, make sure you’re not getting rid of anything that feels really connected to you – you might regret that one. 

Take this time to experiment

As much as we try not to, we all slightly morph into our partner’s style – and that’s okay, it’s normal to get influenced by those around you. But one inevitable positive that comes from any split is the endless opportunity for some self-invention. A breakup is a huge lifestyle change after all – shifting from one way of life to another – so take this time to experiment a bit and consider who you want to be in this newly single chapter of your life. Whether it’s buying those shoes they always turned their nose up at or wearing that shirt they never liked but you love with some pride. 

Retail therapy is a thing 

Of course, retail therapy always comes strongly recommended here (in moderation, of course). So grab yourself that jacket or those trainers you’ve been eyeing up – if you ever need them, it’s right now. “For me it was my Acne bag and Salomon trainers that softened the blow. Both are something I know I will have forever and wear pretty much everyday,” says our stylist Millie. Not sure what that mood-boosting item is for you? Head to your ideas page for some inspiration. 

Do this for you

But above all, any shift in how you dress moving forward should come from you. Don’t feel like you have to ‘glow up’ or change in any way just because you’re in this new stage. Lasting style comes from purposeful decisions and genuine interest in particular garments, it shouldn’t be something knee-jerk. And by finding styles you really identify with and feel uniquely you, eventually you’ll find the kind of people that now enter your life are those that have some common ground. 

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Illustration: Naomi Wilkinson
Styling: Toby Standing