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Your guide to winter knitwear

Your guide to winter knitwear

We say the time has come to graduate from the lightweight knitwear styles and move on to something chunkier – you know, proper jumpers. And to help you on your quest to find something (or things) both snug and stylish that’ll keep you toasty all season long, we’ve enlisted the help of menswear stylist Toby Standing – trust us, you’re in good hands. This is your ultimate guide to winter knitwear.

The rollnecks

“The best knitwear in my opinion,” Toby says. Working great under overcoats and winter jackets, the rollneck is most-loved for its comfort and warmth (all thanks to that higher neck). Opting for a patterned style works well here as this style often has a nice texture to it, so you can add a nice bit of contrast. 

The mock-neck

If you find rollnecks a little bit suffocating, we hear you. Instead, try a mockneck – it’ll still give you that same silhouette, the neckline just hits slightly lower – so it’s less commitment, essentially. You can still style it in the same way we described the rollneck – inner most layer, under your bigger jackets and coats. Some may argue it’s a little more contemporary and sleek than a rollneck too. 

The sweater vest

The sweater vest has become quite the trend in recent seasons, so rest assured you can embrace this knitwear staple with some confidence. This one’s another great option for layering as you get nice hints of whatever you’re wearing underneath (especially if you go for a V-neck style). Plus, it’s not too bulky so you can take your pick with whatever you put on top. 

The bold cardi

This is Toby’s personal fave for the wintertime. Versatile both in terms of aesthetic and how to style, a cardigan really can work for everyone. Go for a less statement pattern or colour if subtle is more your vibe (and do the opposite if it’s not). Then you can wear it open or closed depending on whether you want to show off what’s underneath. 

The zip-through

Shock horror, we like this one because it’s great for layering. A zip-through gives the best of a cardigan, rollneck, and even something like a hoodie for a true all-rounder knitwear piece. It often comes with a double-zip option which gives you a bunch of versatility styling wise, plus it’s great for added texture, pattern, and colour depending on the style you go for. 

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Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing