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Your guide to every summer wedding

Your guide to every summer wedding

It's official, wedding season is back. And this one is shaping up to be one of the best ones yet; what with the couple of years of some very delayed and interesting ceremonies, this year appears to be the most normal yet (touch wood). But what did come from a lack of nuptial normality, came a whole new era of weddings that are anything but traditional, and now you're probably getting used to attending something a little more unique. Needless to say, a stuffy suit isn’t always the way forward.

To help you out now that the invites are starting to slip through mailboxes, we tapped menswear stylist Toby Standing for his advice on what to wear to every kind of wedding – including the casual festival types, the formal types, and the types that land in between. And yes, you’ll show up feeling smart and put-together at all of the above. Heck, you might even upstage the groom.

The traditional

A classic suit will always hold a strong place in wedding dress codes but there’s definitely ways you can make it feel more of a treat to wear. Toby advises to ditch the classic blue and grey colour ways and try something like a chocolate brown to switch things up. It will still feel classic and shouldn’t push you too far out of your comfort zone while managing a look that is different to the norm. For styling, details like a knitted tie and loafers help soften the suit, making it feel completely separate from the kind of thing you’d wear to the office.

The inbetween

If the wedding calls for a look that’s more low-ley and casual, the first step to toning a look down is confidently forgoing the shirt and tie combination. Instead, opt for a breezy camp collar shirt to dress down while still holding an elegant slant. And, since the best part of low-key dress codes is being able to stay comfy all day, try out linen trousers in a classic cut for your bottom half. They’ll keep you cool in the warmer months and feel just the same as pyjama bottoms. To finish the look, Toby says a pair of crepe sole, suede shoes are a good inbetween footwear choice. They’re not as dressed down as trainers but not as formal as a pair of leather derbies, so they split the difference nicely.


The casual

For the times you can dress super casual but still want to look like you’ve made an effort, Toby champions a deconstructed suit in a twill or cotton fabric as the perfect choice. If you're a bigger guy, try not to go too relaxed with the tailoring her. We'd suggest avoiding anything like an open-spread collar, as anything too oversized will just come off ill-fitting – the sweet spot is a suit that rests lightly on the body with no clinginess.

Lighter colours like olive green work especially well here, but if you feel more comfortable in something a little darker like a navy, that works too, we'd just avoid anything patterned. Details like patch pockets nod to classic workwear garments, instantly taking away the stiffness of your usual suit. Here, feel free to ditch any kind of shirt and throw on a t-shirt instead (making sure it’s crisp, of course) for a laid-back look that still makes you look the part. Then, reach for a pair of solid low-top trainers (again, that are nice and clean) and you’re good to go. 


Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing