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Your guide to dressing like David Beckham

Your guide to dressing like David Beckham

When it comes to perennial style icons of menswear, few names come up as much as David Beckham. Since his debut in the late ‘90s playing for Manchester United, Beck’s style has been something that has always been the subject of discussion, admiration, and emulation – and with good reason. 

Of the many questions our personal stylists get asked every day, one that always stands out is: how do I dress like David Beckham? So it seems, all of you (alongside pretty much the entire world) have caught on to his seriously good style too. With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to dress like this famous footballer with the help of our stylist Toby Standing, in place of Posh Spice. 

Rely on neutral tones

In general (ignoring some questionable early ‘00s choices), Beckham tends to stick to a muted palette of neutral tones – think beige, dark greens, and blues, alongside the odd richer tone, like a burgundy, in the colder months. This approach has served him well when it comes to creating a consistent and timeless wardrobe and personal style over a number of years. Plus, these colours hark back to menswear military and occupational uniforms, which we’re all about. 

To nail this same consistency and effortlessness, focus on creating a wardrobe palette consisting of these pared-back shades in your own wardrobe. Doesn’t hurt that they’ll help you achieve the understated cool vibe that makes David’s style so popular – without looking like you’ve dedicated your life to dressing like him.

Take inspiration from uniforms

Speaking of military uniforms, it’s not only their colour palettes David takes inspiration from, but those old-school shapes often creep into his wardrobe too. Bomber jackets, parkas, and combat boots all feature in his day-to-day rotation, likely due to their ease and timelessness. 

Where to start when it comes to your own wardrobe? Throw on a vintage-inspired flight jacket, and you’ll elevate something as simple as a pair of worn-in jeans, a white t-shirt, and black boots in no time. 

Get your tailoring right

Like many menswear style icons, DB knows the power of a well-cut suit. Or more specifically, he knows the power of experimenting with cut and fabric, making his tailoring seem that much more interesting and always effortlessly cool. 

To suit the Beckham way, the trick is to step outside of the tailoring box just slightly – think double-breasted styles worn with contrasting rollneck jumpers or corduroy suits worn with suede shoes – both hallmarks of Beckham’s formal looks over the years. 

Focus on the fabric 

Look at any of David Beckham’s outfits, and one thing is obvious: the man gets texture. Contrasting fabrics and textures do a lot to make those seemingly simple outfits really shine. Incorporate suede, wool, and even hold on to your humble denim in a mix of washes and tones to help highlight the hero pieces of your wardrobe even if they’re relatively simple in shape – just like Becks does.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing