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Your guide to autumn knitwear

Your guide to autumn knitwear

The time has come: we’re shopping for knitwear again. Now, rather than getting down ourselves about the less-than-inviting weather, embracing cosier pieces is a surefire way to make this season feel a bit more exciting. That’s our stylists’ approach anyway. 

To help get you started, we spoke to stylist Toby Standing on all the knitwear need-to-knows for autumn winter 2021. From the trio of trends we’re expecting to see everywhere, to how to style them and when to wear them, count this as your ultimate guide to autumn knitwear. 

Knitted polo

A knitted polo takes first place when it comes to the ultimate transitional piece. It’s the perfect thing to throw on over a t-shirt without feeling overheated, and because of the button collar, it works great in place of an Oxford shirt when you’re looking for something a little cosier. 

When shopping, make sure you are looking at knitted polos and not a textured cotton. These types of fabrics can feel a bit like a PE uniform, they never wash well, and overall look a bit cheap and casual. Then, once you’ve picked your style, you’ll soon find you can wear these tonnes of different ways throughout the whole season. Layer under them a jacket to emphasise the collar, wear them as your outermost layer when it’s not too cold outside, or even pair them with sweatpants and trainers to elevate your casual style. 

Chunky knits

There’s probably only about four months of the year where you can really embrace a proper chunky knit, so you may as well make it count. Picture those super cold winter mornings, where it’s still kind of dark, and you can’t think of anything worse than leaving your bed; this is where these types of knits come in. And, if you pick one with a rollneck (which is what Toby recommends), you’ll have a piece that doubles up as a scarf too, “plus it always makes your jawline look great, if you’re into that.” 


Toby’s personal favourite knitwear piece, might we add. Now these have earned decades worth of bad rep, but they’re actually one of the best pieces to have in your autumn winter wardrobe. They’re easily the best piece to layer with as they’re so simple to pop on and off as you please without compromising the top half of your outfit. 

For this season, our stylists are particularly looking for patterned iterations,but there’s one to suit pretty much every kind of style. Shawl neck, zip-ups, classic V-neck – we could go on. 

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Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing