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Your comprehensive gift guide

Your comprehensive gift guide

Well would you look at that, it’s November and the Christmas countdown is officially on. In other words, it’s gift giving season. And present buying can be quite the minefield, so if you’re not one of those people who have had all of your presents sorted since Christmas last year, then we’re here to help. With our stylist-curated list, you're sure to win the best gift giver award (we know, we know, that's not the point, but it would be nice). 

For the sustainable shopper

1. Service shirt - Basic Rights 

You can really never go wrong with a shirt on Christmas day. Luckily, this one is by Basic Rights. These guys don’t do mass production; instead, the brand creates small batches, using end-of-roll, deadstock, or recycled fabrics where possible. Not to mention, it  is the brainchild of The Vaccine’s lead guitarist, Freddie Cowan, which is about as cool a fact as they come. 

2. Organic Cotton socks - Colorful Standard 

Any-old socks? Pretty sad Christmas present. Organic cotton socks? Whole other story. Especially when they’re by Portuguese brand Colorful Standard, which, by the way, is a true mainstay in the wardrobes of many of our stylists. If your giftee is into sustainable, uncomplicated clothing, you’re onto a winner by introducing them to this brand. 

3. Recycled Cashmere Scarf - Riley Studio

Who doesn’t love a scarf for Christmas? Especially when it’s recycled and cashmere. Riley Studio uses sustainable materials including ECONYL® Yarn, Q-NOVA® by Fulgar, Recover® Yarn, waxed and organic cotton, Recycled Polyester, and recot²® – so it's sure to impress your favourite eco-warrior.

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For the homebody

1. Zip-up Gilet - COS 

Staying cosy is essential for any homebody, but they’re probably already pretty stocked up on sweatshirts and such. To get them something a little different, a knitted vest is just the ticket. Plus, it will look really great for any WFH zoom calls.

2. Classic Organic Hoody - Colorful Standard 

Oh look, it’s Colorful Standard again – told ya we liked them. This classic and minimal hoodie design means it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser, but the brown shade elevates it just enough so it feels a little more special than your usual loungewear. 

3. Pyjama Set - Komodo 

There’s nothing better than receiving some PJ’s on Christmas day. These ones by Komodo are ultra special because they’re made from GOTS certified organic cotton and the fabric is brushed, meaning they're a dream to wear. We can imagine these will be on before dessert is even served. 

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For the groomed guy

1. Body brush - Dr Barbara Sturm 

Even the most groomed guy you know might not have gotten into body brushing just yet. It’s a simple step to add to your routine that helps increase circulation, lymphatic drainage, and just feels super invigorating. We’re all about it. 

2. Deodorant - Aesop 

Now, deodorant might not seem like the most exciting of gifts. But, when you think about it, who actually enjoys buying deodorant for themselves? Yeah, no one. The cool thing about this one is it’s aluminium free and is formulated with 11 nourishing essential oils. Basically, it’s the Ferrari of the deodorant world.

3. Lime Bar Soap - Malin & Goetz 

Bar of soap as a child? Worst gift ever. Posh peppermint soap as an adult? Lovely. We crown this the ultimate stocking stuffer and once you take one smell of this one, we can almost guarantee you’ll be adding at least two more bars just to keep for yourself. 

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For the co-worker

1. Plant Hanger - Hay 

We all have at least a handful of green-fingered friend’s in our lives, whose houses are full to the brim with plants. But if you know they’ve run out of space for another one, this hanger by Hay means their walls can get a good dose of greenery too. 

2. Incense Cones - Earl of East 

Housed in a gold tin (so they don’t really even need wrapping), 16 incense cones from the Earl of East are designed to bring a comforting sage scent to anyone’s living space. Each one can burn for up to 15 minutes, releasing a herbaceous, aromatic scent with every use. Nice. 

3. Reusable Mask - Alice Made This 

And this isn’t just any reusable mask. Designed for comfort, breathability, and hygiene, this mask uses DIOLEN® hygienic material. Silver ions are permanently embedded in the polymer,  providing long-lasting protection against bacteria, allergens, and germs. Pretty impressive, right?

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For the knitwear connoisseur

1. British Wool Patchwork Cable Knit Sweater - Riley Studio 

A cable knit is a classic Christmas gift, so you really can’t go wrong here. Especially because this one is gender-free (so everyone can share). Plus, Riley Studio is so transparent about where they get their materials from, you can even share with whomever you give this to the exact farm the wool came from, which is pretty epic. 

2. Maurice Knit - Far Afield 

Wanting to gift a Christmas jumper minus the cringe? Look no further. This one by Far Afield has just the right amount of festive cheer, but it’s not too over the top so that you can wear it on many other days as well as the 25th. 

3. Boiled Wool Jumper - COS

The colour of this jumper is truly dreamy, and it’s way more wearable than it may seem. Plus, it’s sustainably crafted from traceable merino wool and yak hair meaning it’s a solid heavyweight addition perfect for the lowest of temperatures. 

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For the adventurer

1. Recycled Borg Jacket - ANYDAY by John Lewis & Partners 

For any adventurers out there, a borg jacket is the perfect versatile option that works year round. This one’s vibey and vibrant, practical and cool, keeping you warm, making you look great, and ensuring you’re super visible. Win win (win). We’re sure they’ll be wearing this as soon as the post-dinner walk. 

2. Small Sacoche Cross Body Bag - Taikan

Whether it's an all day hike or quick excursion, being able to easily access essentials is, well, essential. This crossbody bag will give any adventurer in your life enough room to keep the things they need at a moment's notice close to hand, without stuffing their pockets.

 3. Engineered Garments Bondi - Hoka One One 

Hoka’s are a great footwear choice for all sorts of outdoor activities, we’re talking hiking, running, exploring – you name it. The benefit is they’re just not as chunky and heavy as a pair of leather walking boots and they’re a whole lot more stylish too.

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For the women in your life

1. Fringed Wool Scarf - Whistles 

Cliché gift option? Probably. But a scarf is probably the best clothing choice to go for that you can’t really go wrong with – it’s low impact but equally adds a lot of interest. This one’s especially a winner if you know their favourite colour. 

2. Square Hoops - Divine Grace

Giving the gift of jewellery is always failsafe. These earrings by Divine Grace are statement without being overwhelming and classic while still feeling modern. The best part is, they’ll always think of you when they put them on.

3. Geranium & Rose Bath Soak - Kushboo

Buying anything beauty related is a fine line between tasteful and insulting. A good rule of thumb is to buy something indulgent that they wouldn’t buy themselves usually, so it really feels like a treat. And since baths become the new showers at this time of year, a nice soak is a good place to start. 

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Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing and Artemis Crowley