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Why we love Wawwa

Why we love Wawwa

When a brand has written into their motto that they put style before profits, you know its designs are going to be good. And we’re not just talking about any old designs. These ones are made using organic, recycled, innovative materials – and not as some sort of marketing ploy, but as the underlying objective of everything they do. 

As part of its sustainability philosophy, Wawwa designs clothing that is incredibly durable too, so that each product lasts beyond a season or year. Which is good because these are clothes you’ll want in your arsenal for as long as possible. Think technical outerwear, insanely comfortable logo hoodies, and on-trend accessories – all with a nod to streetwear. And because we’re not-so-subtle fans of the Manchester-based brand, we’re welcoming to our site by introducing them to as many of you as possible. We have a feeling that you might be happy we did. 

More about its sustainability philosophy

Unlike most brands that adopt sustainability practices years after they launch, Wawwa’s sustainability principles have been a crucial part of its mission since day one. How do they do this? By using organic cotton and water-based inks for all tees, and using innovative materials and practices and recycled materials throughout its collections. Its products also happen to all be vegan, but that’s not all. It’s always striving to use better practices when producing its clothes.

And speaking of producing clothing, when it doesn’t produce pieces in its in-house factory, it identifies factories whose ethos aligns with its own. It makes its cotton pieces in a family-owned factory in a Portuguese factory that specialises in GOTS certified cotton. Its outerwear? It’s made in a factory in Bolton with over 100 years history – one that always hand cuts and hand makes every product. And many of its other products are made from Fairtrade suppliers in India. 

Five of our stylists’ favourite pieces

Relaxed-fit cargo trousers

If you don’t own a pair of technical trousers, this is your cue to give them a go. They have stepped out of the outdoor-only category and into everyday wardrobes everywhere, and that’s great because they offer a level of durability and comfort that you can’t get with your average pair of jeans. Especially as they were inspired by classic combat trousers. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re made with organic cotton twill. We’d pair them with an easy t-shirt and trainers for errands or drinks at the pub.  

Organic cotton rugby sweatshirt 

Forget what you know about the classic preppy rugby shirt. Wawwa’s take is a hybrid between a shirt and a sweatshirt (perfect for chilly evenings), and it perfectly nods to streetwear. Like so many of its products, it’s made from 100% G.O.T.S organic cotton jersey, so you can feel good about looking so good wearing it. 

Organic cotton logo t-shirt

Sure, you probably own a few cotton t-shirts. But this sustainable version is marked with a subtle logo and happens to fit to a tee. It will serve you not only this season, but also the one after (and the ones after that). The sage green colour also gives it something special, while also being incredibly versatile and easy to match. A bonus, as always. 

Organic cotton logo sweatshirt 

There’s one thing chilly summer nights, cool autumn days, and frigid winter evenings all have in common. They all benefit from a sweatshirt. So why not make it one made with organic cotton that happens to be as comfortable as they come? You can wear it with just about anything casual in your wardrobe too, so prepare to wear this one on repeat. 

Organic cotton long-sleeved t-shirt

When you’ve bought yourself one too many short-sleeved Wawwa tees (it happens), graduate onto the long-sleeved iteration. It’s that perfect day-to-night piece, and comes in particularly strong during transitional weather. A crisp white version will serve you well, so no need to overthink the colour. 

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Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Images courtesy of Wawwa