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Why we love Dickies

Why we love Dickies

The backstory of Dickies is almost as iconic as the clothes itself. It was founded in Texas as a workwear brand in 1922, producing uniforms renowned for their performance and durability for everything from the Armed Forces to oil rigs. Then in the ‘90s, American youth culture claimed it as their own, and Dickie’s casualwear became a cult staple  worn by many an angsty teenage skateboarder. It suddenly found itself on a roster of cool brands that don’t try too hard, where it’s remained since. 

Although the magic of this brand is in its heritage, it’s still certifiably a brand for 2021, especially with its new goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, focusing on farm-to-retail materials, sourcing operations, and logistics. Now, whether you’re actually in need of some solid workwear or you’re more into its skater vibe, there’s something for everyone – which is one of our favourite things about it. As for our other favourite things about it? The list goes on. 

If you know you know

While a lot of skater-loved brands are all about intense branding and logos, Dickies takes a bit more of a laid-back appeal. Of course, if you’re into big graphics, they’ve got plenty of that too, but for the most part, it’s the silhouettes and the simple stitching detail that are often the only signifier that the item is Dickies. So if you’re into it, you can spot it from afar and if not, it’s subtle and classic. 

Hardwearing fabrics

As we mentioned, Dickies was originally founded as a workwear brand. What this means is you’re going to have incredibly durable and hardwearing fabrics that are going to last for years and years to come, but without the luxury price tag you might expect. Plus, it means the journey of the clothes is completely personal to everyone. Our stylist Toby says, “I remember buying my brother a pair of 874 Dickies trousers when he first got into skating and every trip and fall was documented on them, but if you wear them for work they’d take on a completely different wear which is what I love.” 

It bridges two aesthetics

It’s rare to find a brand that appeals to so many while still maintaining a consistent aesthetic. But with the two looks Toby’s styled here, you can really see how the brand has brought two worlds together. On one end, you’ve got a shawl jacket – classic fitting, not over designed but functional with a subtle hickory stripe to show a little personality. 

Then you’ve also got their original trousers (which if Toby could tell you to buy just one thing, these would be it) that come in a bunch of wearable colours as well as some out-there ones too. Plus, if you’re used to more of a slim-fit shape and you’re looking to transition into a wider-leg silhouette, these are the perfect starting point. Put them in your daily rotation in place of a pair of jeans, and you’ll soon find they go with pretty much everything. 

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Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing