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Why our stylist isn't wearing sweatpants this year

Why our stylist isn't wearing sweatpants this year

If nothing else, the last two years have proved to us that getting dressed in the morning is in fact an exercise in self-care. While it’s easy to succumb to the allure of working in your pyjamas, boxers, or dressing gowns, the novelty has definitely started to wear off, at least for our stylists anyway. 

Now, this doesn’t mean we’re completely ditching the whole comfort is key thing. Instead we’re just finding that putting on an outfit that makes you feel good reaps a lot of benefits. So, in favour of throwing off the shackles of outfits made solely for Zoom and WFB (working from bed), this is why our stylist isn’t wearing sweatpants in 2022. 

1. It separates work and play (or lay)

Creating a link of demarcation between your time to relax and your time to get sh*t done is pretty paramount to your productivity levels. And when working from home can often feel like living at work, creating these small changes is key for creating that work-life balance. 

2. It helps you develop your personal style

By dressing for yourself and not others each and every day, you’ll be able to understand your personal style and what you enjoy as opposed to being influenced by dress-codes, trends, and whatnot. Plus, it means you get in some daily practice of putting an outfit together – we were all there on that first social outing after lockdown where we’d completely forgotten what you’re supposed to pair jeans with, right? 

3. It’s fun!

Of course, this could be our stylist’s personal bias coming in here, but the act of getting dressed truly should be something to enjoy, especially when you approach it from a place of personal expression like we mentioned earlier. Forget about impressing others; take the opportunity to play around with some fun pieces in your wardrobe and you might find it becomes one of your favourite parts of the day.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing