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Spring weddings land in that tricky dressing territory. Do you wear your classic wool suit, or go for something lighter, like linen? You don’t want to be sweating all through the ceremony, after all, but it’s probably too early to dust off your seersucker shorts and loafers just yet. Luckily, if you want to introduce elements of your warm-weather wardrobe to your wedding outfit, there are subtle changes you can make that will ensure your look is more visually interesting than your standard winter suit, without veering into  full summer attire.

“Spring is a time where you can start introducing colour to your outfits,” says stylist Millie Rich. “Rather than standard navy, go for lighter shades.”. “Green is versatile, and darker shades still work if pastels aren’t your thing.” 

You'll still want to wear a suit, as transitional weather means you’ll probably need the jacket later on, but mix it up by choosing one in a Herringbone fabric. Not only do the lighter, earthy tones reflect the changing seasons, but it’s a great option for unpredictable weather: it’s thick enough to keep you warm, but less wintry than dark wool suiting. “When everyone wears dark suits to weddings it can end up looking like a uniform. Women don’t all wear the same dresses, so don’t be afraid to go for something a little different,” Millie says.

One way to do this is to pair your textured blazer with a light-coloured shirt so that, should you need to lose the jacket, the trousers will work on their own. Neutral colours are an easy way to hint at warmer weather without risking the cold, so you’ll be oozing country gentleman vibes without feeling too summery or dressed-down. 

Your footwear is another way to make your outfit feel more spring-ready. Black has a reputation as being smarter than brown, but unless you’re wearing a black or grey suit, chunky brown derbies will introduce a more modern, seasonally-appropriate finish. Formal occasions are also a great opportunity to experiment with accessories. They can tie your look together, bring extra colour and texture, and add subtle hints of personality. “If you want to introduce some pattern into your look, a light floral pocket square feels more refined than a patterned tie,” Millie says. Matching patterned accessories can look over the top and costumey, so choose a tie in earth tones that will complement your Herringbone and make the subtle pocket square stand out. If you really want to embrace the spring feeling, go for the ultimate finishing touch: a pair of classic sunglasses.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Andras Hari
Styling: Millie Rich