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What to pack for a weekend away this winter

What to pack for a weekend away this winter

Ah, holidaying in a warm-weather locale, where all you need is a swimsuit, some sandals, and a t-shirt. What a dream. Your reality? You're going away somewhere cold (and hopefully cosy) and what to wear is a tad more challenging. It also doesn't help that it requires a lot more suitcase space. Don’t worry, we can help with that. 

To ensure you stay warm for outdoor walks and stylish for that fancy restaurant you’ve booked, we’ve enlisted the help of Thread stylist and packing extraordinaire to break down a capsule that can work across multiple settings. We’re not packing outfit by outfit here, but with some foolproof tried and tested combos that are versatile and seamlessly mixed and matched – kind of like puzzle pieces that can slot together a number of different ways. (Actually it’s more like lego than a puzzle but you get the idea). 

The outerwear

The footwear

Shoes are probably the hardest thing to pack. Toby suggests a pair of comfortable boots that will see you through any weather challenges and explorations. Then, a pair of easy shoes to wear while chilling or heading out for morning brunch, for Toby that looks like a pair of Birkenstock Boston slip ons, but if sneakers are more your thing that also fit into this slot. Finally, you’ll need some smarter ones that you can still wear on day trips but are your go-tos for the fancier stuff you’re up to. A pair of Dr. Martens derbies or the Grenson moc-toe shoes are a safe bet here. 

Like with your coat, it’s a good idea to wear your chunkiest shoes while travelling. They might not match your outfit but trust us, you’ll be grateful for the extra room. 

The trousers

“Three pairs is a good approach,” Toby says. Opt for a very comfortable pair for travelling and lounging (this is a holiday after all), a hardy pair of jeans or cotton trousers for your daily outings, and then a pair that will work for more of an upscale sit-down dinner type vibe – Toby suggests something dark and wool for a bit of elegance and warmth.

The t-shirts 

Keep it simple here. A couple of crewneck tees in classic colours (and maybe one more interesting colour you love if you’ve got the room), will see you through pretty much anything bar any intense hiking you get up to, if that’s in your itinerary. 

The layering bits

Now comes the overshirts, the sweatshirts, the knitwear, the lighter jackets, all that kind of stuff. Toby recommends only one of each for all of these categories, which is nice and easy. The same thinking applies to the three trousers we mentioned earlier, you’ll be bringing the combinations that keep your looks feeling the most interesting. And remember, repeating outfits is not a sin – a good look is a good look. 

The accessories 

Finally for your accessories, just bring your hat, scarf, and gloves to keep you warm and you’re good to go. Doesn’t hurt that they're easy to pack.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing