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What our stylists wear when working from home

What our stylists wear when working from home

You don’t see “work-from-home style” gracing the cover of many fashion magazines, and that’s because the typical outfit consists of a motley of misfit clothing: an old sweatshirt, an off-coloured t-shirt, mismatched socks. These types of pieces may be perfectly fine for the odd day of working from your living room, but now that many of us find ourselves working from home for the indefinite future, the thought of putting an old pair of sweats for the seventh or eighth day in a row is increasingly uninspiring.

To get some tips on how to look more considered while still maintaining comfort, we turned to the most fashionable people we know: our stylists. We were also pretty curious to see how they dress when they trade a photoshoot set for their sofa. They didn't disappoint. 


Tip 1: Separate work life from home life

My wardrobe isn’t always the most practical when it comes to comfort, but I’m very much of the opinion that when you’re working from home, it’s important to get dressed and not just stay in the clothes you’ve just slept in. It creates a good separation between your work and your relaxation time, which is vital for striking that work-life balance.”

Tip 2: Choose clothes that help you feel like yourself

When I’m working from home, I do like to be comfortable, but I also want to still feel like my usual self, so I always try and wear clothes that I like and would actively wear out and to the office - as opposed to just sweatpants and a t-shirt.”

Tip 3: Swap traditional work trousers for a relaxed pair 

 “I’m a strong advocate of the relaxed, wide-leg trouser, and trouser silhouette is where I usually begin when getting dressed, as it helps define the vibe of the outfit I’m going for. These track pants from my favourite brand, Our Legacy, are flowy and relaxed, and they’re made from a super luxy feeling synthetic fabric. They also have some lovely details like the contrasting side stripe, that harks back to the Adidas three stripes.”

Tip 4: Throw on a cosy top 

“For my top, I like having something that feels cosy and relaxed, but still has something of interest about it. Wearing colour when working from home helps lift my mood if I get stuck in a rut, so something like this Isabel Marant mohair number is bang on.”

Tip 5: Don’t rule shoes out

“I recently read that putting shoes on is a great way to make working from home feel like actually working, but most of my shoes are ridiculous boots or sneakers that make no sense when wearing them inside, so I have strongly converted to the Birkenstock Boston. Luke (fellow Thread stylist) put me on to them and I’ve opted for this EVA pair – they’re super lightweight and comfortable, and come in an all-black style, which as I’m sure the others will attest to, is much more my vibe. They feel somewhere between slippers and shoes, which is the perfect blend for my working from home style.”


Tip 1: Find the right balance for you

“I like to balance practical and comfort when considering what to wear when working from home. For me, it’s important to still get dressed. Whilst it works for some, I wouldn’t be as productive in loungewear or pyjamas. We have a puppy too, so I need something I’m not too precious about and am happy to venture out to walk the dog in.” 

Tip 2: Consider outdoor clothing

“These Gramicci trousers strike that balance perfectly. They’re super comfy due to the diamond shaped gusset. They were originally designed as climbing trousers, so they have a lot of room for movement so you won’t get uncomfortable if you’re sat down for extended periods. They’re also made from a durable chino fabric so more than suitable for walking the dog.” 

Tip 3: Wear loose-fitting pieces 

“I like my t-shirts to have a high, fitted neckline (mock neck). I was once told I have a long neck, and now I can’t unsee it! I have two preferred fits in the body, depending on whether I’m layering or not. I like a more fitted t-shirt, like this pique style from Fred Perry, when I’m wearing knitwear on top. It’s more comfortable and there’s less adjusting under the arms. If I’m at home on a warmer day, I’ll go for a much looser, boxier fit and tuck it in.”

Tip 4: Have a cosy layer in arm's reach 

“The fitted style here sits nicely under the more drape-y cardigan. It’s a vintage Paul Smith piece and is one of my absolute favourites – this is a real comfort piece. The fit is really relaxed and the fabric cozy. It features heavily in my regular outfits too.” 

Tip 5: Invest in a pair of slip-on shoes

“We’re a no-shoes indoors household, so I like a pair that’s easy to take on and off. These classic vans are lace ups but slip on easily. If it’s not these, it’s my trail running shoes to walk the dog or loafers to pop to the shop.”


Tip 1: Use style to switch your mindset

“For me, I have to get dressed up in order to be in the mindstate to get work done. Otherwise, I’m in bed with my laptop, and I’m just one click away from loading up Netflix and being lost to the world.” 

Tip 2: Throw on pieces you’d be happy to wear outside

“This outfit is easy to throw on, has relaxed elements, but also isn't out of place if I go for a quick walk or decide to change settings and work for a coffee shop. I don’t have to do the mad rush to put on something respectable for a video call - which fills me with confidence before and during it.”

Tip 3: Opt for a comfortable alternative to a sweatshirt

“A lightweight chore jacket is a comfortable and functional alternative to a sweatshirt or jumper.”

Tip 4: Wear shoes you can easily kick off  

“Maybe you are a socks, barefoot, or slippers guy, it doesn’t matter – low-canvas trainers are easy to throw on if you need to pop out.”

Tip 5: Incorporate colour into your look

“A colourful beanie is great for adding a little bit of brightness to your day as you work from home.”


Tip 1: Dress for your environment

“I’m not one of these 'get dressed to have a routine’ people when it comes to working from home. I like that I can wear sweats and be comfortable – you need to dress your environment.”

Tip 2: Stock up on easy basics

“My basics are a t-shirt and some sweats. I like these ones from Colorful Standard as they aren’t too slim and have a bit of a retro, 1950s feel to them.”

Tip 3: Stick to mainly neutrals

“Colour wise, I try to keep life easy for myself by sticking to neutrals – they are my comfort zone when it comes to clothes, and I don’t have to think about them.”

Tip 4: Find easy ways to smarten your look

“So I don’t feel like a complete slob, I like throwing on a work jacket or overshirt. This one is cotton linen so it’s not too warm, will wear in nicely, and makes me feel a bit smarter than normal. Plus it’s got nice deep pockets for your phone or wallet if you need to pick up some more milk or go for coffee.”

Tip 5: Find shoes you can wear indoors and outdoors 

“I love a good pair of thick socks, and I pair them with my work-from-home secret weapon: the Birkenstock Boston. Basically it’s a leather clog, with a cork footbed. It’s super comfortable, and you run out to the shops in it if you need to.”


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Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Thread stylists