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Three ways to wear suede in winter

Three ways to wear suede in winter

Despite its reputation as a more delicate alternative to leather, suede isn’t just for summer, and you certainly don’t have to be a cowboy to pull it off. The hard-wearing material is one of winter’s best, and with a bit of TLC, it has the potential to become a life-long investment. It’s effortlessly cool, it keeps you warm against the elements, and it just gets better with age.

If you’re concerned about the upkeep, or aren’t ready to dive straight into the look, suede detailing or more subtle suede pieces can make just as big an impact. Here's how to incorporate it into the cold-weather season, and channel your best Butch Cassidy.

Consider outerwear

Suede outerwear is a no-brainer for cold weather. It simultaneously retains heat and keeps you looking cool, which is why the shearling aviator jacket has become a winter mainstay. 

Originally designed to keep pilots in open cockpits warm whilst flying in sub-zero temperatures, it’s since become a favourite for those of us with our feet firmly on the tarmac.

For something a little more simple, a suede bomber jacket is an easy way to smarten up an off-duty look when paired with chinos and a fresh tee, whilst a classic leather jacket in suede offers a fresh take on a timeless fashion favourite.

Add a finishing touch with accessories

If you want to ease your way into wearing suede, start off with accessories. Suede’s luxurious texture makes simple items seem like premium products, and its velvety look lends itself perfectly to winter pieces. 

A pair of suede gloves add a sophisticated touch to your look, and are smarter than that old woolly pair you shove into your pocket each morning before anyone in the office clocks them. For more casual looks, a suede cap is a playful alternative to cotton and gives the year-round style a more seasonal feel.

Step out in footwear

If you’re opting for suede footwear – and you should – then invest in a protective spray. Suede requires a little more effort than smooth leather to stay looking fresh in winter, but it’s definitely worth the effort. 

Suede Chelsea boots give smart casual outfits an elevated finish, whilst lace-up chukkas and desert boots lend themselves to the softer shape and feel of suede for a look that can be worn year round. Suede shoes have a naturally smarter aesthetic, and the textured effect feels warmer when paired with other wintery fabrics like selvedge denim and cord. If you’re really worried about ruining them in the rain, just plan ahead and save them for dryer days.

Swayed? Why wouldn’t you be.

Words: Ella White
Photography: Jamie Stoker
Styling: Alexander McCalla