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3 ways to wear a chore jacket right now

3 ways to wear a chore jacket right now

If you’re looking for the perfect in-between season outerwear, look no further than the trusty chore jacket. Not only is it the ultimate layering piece for spring, it will continue to serve you on chilly summer evenings, too. It’s loose fitting, unstructured, and less formal than a blazer, meaning it’s easy to pair with just about anything, and even comes in handy while you’re working from home.

When it comes to working-from home clothing, you're probably already stocked up on loungewear and comfy pieces that aren’t likely to see the light of day once lockdown is lifted. The chore jacket, on the other hand, is one piece that will serve you now and when your social calendar hits the unpause button. Until then, here are three ways to make the classic workwear staple work even harder right now.

1. How to wear a chore jacket when you’re kicking back  

The days are growing warmer, but there’s still a chill in the air come sunset, and with more time spent at home than usual, you’re probably not wanting to hike your utility bills by cranking up the heating. Instead, reach for your chore jacket. 

What to look for: Chore jackets might have a reputation for being a bit rigid, but there are plenty of comfortable options out there. Look for when in a style in a softer fabric, like this worker jacket in pique jersey from Armor Lux. Opting for one in a bolder shade will also help to invite some colour into your wardrobe, which if you’re anything like us, has consisted of a lot of grey, charcoals, and more grey recently. 

How to style it: Pairs yours with relaxed trousers and a cosy cardigan. It feels more put together than an old hoodie, but still feels comfy and is easy to move in. Plus, if you do need to nip outside you won’t feel slobby or self-conscious about your outfit.

2. How to wear a chore jacket when you’re dashing to the supermarket

When you need to pop to the shop, or if you’re looking to wear something more elevated than sportswear for your daily walk, throw on an earth-toned chore jacket. 

What to look for: Neutral tones go with everything, but this tobacco brown jacket from MVP is rich enough to add a pop of colour to relaxed outfits for a more considered finish. The canvas fabric has a utilitarian feel that keeps it dressed down without looking scruffy.

How to style it: Pair your tobacco-coloured chore jacket with loose jeans, trainers, and a sweatshirt with a graphic design for extra interest.

3. How to wear a chore jacket for those inevitable Zoom calls

Whether you prefer to dress up smarter when working from home, or just want to make a good impression in your video calls, a navy chore jacket is a great alternative to a blazer. 

What to look for: This linen overshirt from Boden doesn’t look or feel stuffy like a suit, but has a refined quality that shows you’ve made an effort, even from the comfort of your living room. 

How to style it: Pair yours with a turtleneck, which like the chore jacket is elevated yet still cosy. If you need to head out, finish the look with a pair of brown leather shoes.

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Words: Ella White
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Millie Rich