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Three versatile trends for autumn

Three versatile trends for autumn

With the new season comes a wave of new trends, but, as always, we're most interested in the ones you'll actually get the most wear out of – the ones that will be a part of your wardrobe for more than just a few months. They probably look less like the ones you’d see on a runway and more like the ones you’d see a stylish guy on the high street wearing. 

With that in mind, we've enlisted the help of stylist Toby Standing to whittle down the trends that we're investing in this season. From how to slowly transition into workwear (while still appropriately holding on to sweatpants), to bringing the great outdoors into your everyday – these are the trends your autumn wardrobe is calling for. 

Blending of dress codes

One thing we can thank recurring lockdowns for is the way it’s encouraged us to ditch dress codes. Nowadays, you can probably get away with joggers in the office and t-shirts to a christening. But it’s the blending of all dress codes that’s got Toby particularly excited for the upcoming season. For example, wearing sweatpants with an Oxford shirt, blazer, and old-school trainers is something you can wear with confidence. The trick is just finding the right pieces and styling them in the right way.

Instead of your usual suit blazer, go for something that holds the same shape but comes in a canvas cotton material or feels a little less structured. For the shirt, you could wear it open with a graphic tee underneath to really give it that laid-back vibe. The sweatpants shouldn’t be the stain-covered ones you wore to uni, but rather something neutral and classic that will instantly feel elevated when paired with all of these other pieces. 

“Style rules don’t really exist and neither do dress codes, so wear the things you like without feeling like you’re tied down to a certain aesthetic.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

Varsity resurgence

The resurgence of vintage dressing and second-hand clothing comes hand in hand with a style that is really easy to achieve. Case in point: Americana. While it’s very easy to pin down the hallmarks of this trend, it’s also equally as easy for it to come off a little costumey. So to avoid the whole Danny from Grease look, start by going for a relaxed jean with a big turn-up in a deep indigo wash. Add classic trainers like Converse and a retro graphic t-shirt (you probably already have these in your wardrobe). Then, for the ultimate finishing touch, you’re going to want a statement varsity jacket. 

The best part about this look is its cross-generational appeal – remember, you don’t necessarily need to have all of these elements featured in one look, you can just pick and choose the pieces that work for you and your aesthetic. Paying attention to the colour palette and avoiding anything that feels too nostalgic is also something that will make this look feel less intense. 

The great outdoors

Now that we’re coming into the time of year where everything feels a little more dreary, it might be a good idea to introduce some technical hiking gear into your day-to-day. Don’t worry, this isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. After all, your late summer holiday this year is probably looking more staycation and less Seychelles. Technical fabrics like nylon, mesh, and gortex are bang on trend right now and easily weaved into your everyday outfits. Now, we’re not expecting (or even encouraging) you to go head-to-toe with this trend, one off pieces will do the trick.

A pop over jacket, for example, is super easy to take on and off depending on what the weather requires. Plus, it feels a little more interesting than your average quarter zip. In terms of footwear, something statement is usually what’s expected here, and anything subtle that still nods to the trend works too. But the easiest way to tap into this style? With a side pouch bag. In the words of Toby “if you don’t have a bag that you take with you everyday, you’re beyond the point of needing one.” Note taken.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Photography: Jack Batchelor
Styling: Toby Standing