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Three summer colour combos you can still wear all autumn

Three summer colour combos you can still wear all autumn

We’re not saying that summer is over, but we are starting to think about autumn. Maybe it’s that back-to-school feeling, or the incursion of rainy days, but whatever it is, the end feels nigh. Normally, now would be the time to start thinking about layers, about neutrals, about all that stuff the colour of September skies. But, we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to our summer wardrobes just yet.

“There’s an idea that you wear colour in summer when it’s brighter but give them up when the weather gets cooler, but you don’t have to,” says stylist and one-woman pantone booklet Millie Rich. Neons might feel more jarring when the days are grey, “but if brights aren’t your thing then reach for jewel tones of the colours you love. It’s still colourful, but feels more autumnal.”

These three pairings vary from subtle to bright and bold, with room to punch them up if you’re feeling bold. So you can go as technicolour as you like, depending on your mood.

Yellow + Pale Blue

Why they work in summer: A light, bright pairing, with sun and sand colours that evoke beach holidays. Everyone can wear blue and it balances the yellow so you can be a bit braver than you would normally.

Make it work in autumn: Play with different shades to play with. Go for deeper, richer tones –  they’re less harsh in the softer autumnal light.

Stylist tip: “Often people put yellow and grey together but this is a more daring combo that doesn’t feel wild, because pale blue is still a neutral. Make the yellow the stronger colour – a bold blue can wash a pale yellow out, but a strong yellow can elevate a pale blue.”

Pink + Green

Why they work in summer: There’s a natural feeling to this combination, like springtime blossoms. Go for the brighter end of each colour – apple green and bubblegum pink will really stand out.

Make it work in autumn: Green is one of those traditional military colours that can be worn all year but the deeper, richer tones, like forest green, suit autumn weather. A darker green will toughen up pale pink without overwhelming it.

Stylist tip: “Add a different tone in between the two colours, like a neutral like grey or navy, to sit to ground the brighter colours and stop you looking like a rainbow. The green as the outer layer feels more natural and draws the eye to the pink in the middle, making it the focus, even though there’s less of it. You don’t have to wear head-to-toe pink to stand out.”

Blue + Orange

Why they work in summer: You can really boost the brightness of each colour, so make it as bright and summery as you like. Orange always feels like a strong colour but even if you go for a really bright blue, you can still use it to tone down the orange.

Make it work in autumn: Go for a burnt orange rather than a safety hue. It has a deeper feel but is still colourful. Navy will always be a complementary colour, but try a royal blue or sapphire with the orange for a bright but still wearable style.

Stylist tip: "Orange and blue are surprisingly easy to wear together. Choose tones that are slightly brighter than you would normally. Pastels can tend to look a little washed out – especially if the weather is grey and dreary – whereas with bolder tones you still get the same colour hit."

Words: Nadia Balame-Price
Photography: Jamie Stoker
Styling: Millie Rich
Styling assistant: Luke McDonald