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Three colours we’re loving this season

Three colours we’re loving this season

We imagine your wardrobe may be feeling a little lacklustre after rotating the same two pairs of joggers and hoodies for the past however long it’s been. But, now that the sun is shining and the restrictions are easing, nothing will spark joy in your wardrobe (and life) quite like embracing colour. And it’s not as scary or loud as you might think. Especially if simple outfits are more your thing – just a small injection of colour can be all it takes to make it feel a little more interesting. 

Of course, any colour that takes your fancy is a great option for you to wear, but we tapped menswear stylist Toby Standing to see what his favourite colours of the season are and we think you’ll quite like the look of them. Plus, he’s told us why these particular shades are so easy to pull off and what part of your wardrobe to incorporate them into, so you’ll be a pro in no time.


This muted shade of purple is trending right now, but as it’s so understated by nature, we predict good things on the longevity front for lavender. Since it’s a pastel, it’s going to pair great with all of the neutrals your wardrobe already holds i.e. grey and white and even navy and green. Toby advises to keep this colour on your top half, say with a t-shirt or a hoodie. Alternatively, if you’re not quite ready for such a bold statement, it works great in your accessories too. Either way, it’s going to do a lot of work for your look, so just keep it to one piece so you don’t go overboard. 


“An olive green is one of my favourites all year round, but once the warmer months arrive, it soon becomes the ultimate base tone for every outfit,” Toby tells us. If you’ve ever played with greens in your wardrobe before, you soon notice that they perform just like a neutral when it comes to pairing them with other pieces. This means you have a lot more freedom when it comes to where to place this in your looks because it works great in pretty much all elements: shirts, trousers, jackets – you name it. Toby loves this shade particularly in jersey and linen fabrics and for its nod to the ‘70s (the decade much of the fashion industry is living in right now). 

Rust orange

Rather than a bright red or orange, a muted rust or brick tone is a less intimidating way to ease yourself into the bolder colour territory. The slightly washed out, warmer tone is great for summer evenings and again easily slips itself into a neutral look. Toby loves this in simple top-half layers like t-shirts or shirts but especially in the form of statement footwear. So, if you were looking for a trainer refresh, this is your sign to try something new.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing