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Three colours we’re loving for autumn

Three colours we’re loving for autumn

Don’t get us wrong, we love beiges and oatmeals as much as the next person. But, with the extreme lack of summer we’ve just had in the UK, alongside the dreary weather that’s yet to come, we think it’s time your wardrobe found some new shades. Luckily, our stylist Toby has just the ones in mind.

And don’t worry, there’s not a neon in sight. In fact, these shades, although bright, are actually incredibly wearable and easy to weave into your day-to-day rotation. Think caramel brown, pillarbox red, and a fresh introduction of blue for an autumn wardrobe that feels a bit less grey. 

Turquoise blue

Not quite sky blue, not quite navy blue, but sitting nicely in between, turquoise blue comes in top of Toby’s list when it comes to colours he’s loving for autumn. Especially when days are feeling particularly dreary, a pop of blue adds just the right amount of brightness without being a full on primary colour. The best part is, it works really well in so many different elements of an outfit: accessories, layering pieces like cardigans and overshirts, but we’d just avoid it in trousers (it’s always best to keep these neutral in Toby’s eyes). And you’ll quickly find it’s super easy to introduce into your everyday rotation too – it is just blue after all. 

Caramel brown

Brown’s a pretty cliché choice for the autumntime we’ll admit, but a warmer caramel tone is what makes this particular shade really stand out. It's not as dark as your classic chocolate browns but not as bright as your neutral beige which makes it really nice in textured pieces like knitwear and coats. Toby loves it because it treads the line nicely of being the grounding piece of your outfit or the brighter. Style with brighter tones for a welcome contrast or fellow neutrals for something seamlessly tonal. 

Pillarbox red

This attention-grabbing shade might be a little out of most people’s comfort zone, but it actually has an inherent autumn feel to it and comes up a lot in super wearable pieces like plaid shirts and knitwear. It’s bold and bright without feeling too summery and out-there and definitely has a nostalgic feel. We imagine it in the form of a rollneck paired with plenty of neutrals for an impactful autumn aesthetic.

Words: Yasmine Kennedy
Styling: Toby Standing